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2008-09 National Merit Scholar Honorees Announced

Each year, Montclair high school students distinguish themselves nationally by being named to the National Merit Scholars program, which includes semi-finalists, finalists, commended students or otherwise noted scholars. Final scholarship decisions are announced and awarded in the spring.

This year, a total of 41 Montclair High students have been named to the program. Congratulations, 2007-08 National Merit Scholars!

Montclair High School National Merit Semi-Finalists, 2007-08

Sueminn Cho
Caitlin Higgins

National Merit Commended Students

Katherine Dopulos
Amos Dudley
Matilda Feder
Emily Filak
R. Gram Hill
Naomi Horowitz
Jackson Kamine
Maxwell McKee
Max Mellman
Sabrina Montenigro
Christopher Newkirk
Caitlin Pacheco
Michael Parker
Lawrence Pope
Ryan Rossner
Quinn Schiller
Sarah Schostack
Thais Scott-Humphreys
Ellen Shakespear
Joshua Sklar
Joseph Staehle
Molly Tavella
Adam Weiss
Kira White

National Achievement Outstanding Participants

Gabrielle Alves
Olivia Blackburn
Rachel Bradford
Clark Janifer
Dillon Patrick
Diego Persico
Calvin Stovall
Malika Waller
Storm Wyche

National Hispanic Recognition Finalists

Gabriel Alvare
Lilah Arrazcaeta
Noelle Droz
Ellen Shakespear
Tessa Slovis

National Achievement Scholarship Program Semi-Finalist

Michael D. Billy

The district salutes its new National Merit Scholar program honorees and scholarship hopefuls!

Article Date: Oct 31, 2008