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Information about Snow Days and School Closings

This fall, the East Coast was hit with a storm that caused the district to lose two of the three allotted snow days. Because the state requires that students attend school for a total of 180 days per academic year, the district will add day(s) to the school calendar if more than three snow days take place in a given year. In the event that the district will require more than the allotted snow days, the following will take place: The first day that will be lost is the Friday before Memorial Day, followed by days in the spring recess week (April 16 – 20), starting with Monday.

When a decision is made by Superintendent Frank Alvarez regarding a school closing or delayed opening, an announcement is posted (in the moving “text crawl” at the top of the home page) on the district website. The announcement usually appears by 6 a.m.

The district’s automated calling system will be activated to call the homes of all students. This will occur in the case of a delayed opening as well as a school closure. In addition, parents may also get information by:

  1. Calling any school's main number and pressing option 6 (except for the MHS main building: press option 9) — School closures and delayed openings

  2. Calling the main number at Central Office: (973) 509-4000 — School closures and delayed openings

  3. Watching — or logging on to — New Jersey News12/Channel 62; WABC-TV/Channel 7; WNBC-TV/Channel 4; and WCBS-TV/Channel 2. Radio reports can be found at 1010 WINS and WOR.

  4. (Staff only.) Logging onto staff email accounts by clicking on “Internal Mail” on the home page. Notifications are sent to all staff — School closures and delayed openings.

Why School Closures and Delayed Openings Occur

Although disrupting regular school schedules may inconvenience some parents, staff and students, the decision to close the schools is made by the Superintendent when there is a clear indication that weather conditions could endanger the safety of children.

In addition to compounding traffic congestion throughout the town, transporting students on school buses could put both children and drivers in danger depending on road conditions.

Superintendent Alvarez also takes into consideration weather reports that call for worsening conditions as the day progresses. The district’s policy is to keep schools open until the regular dismissal time. This could result in parents having difficulty picking up children in the afternoon, or children being unable to walk home from school.

Delayed Opening Procedures

In the event of a delayed opening, schools will admit students two hours after the normal opening time. Students should report to their regular bus stop two hours after the normal time; riders should be prepared for delays due to poor road conditions and increased traffic.

Once schools are in session, students will complete the school day as usual. Lunch will be served on delayed opening days.

On delayed opening days, dismissal buses will depart at the usual time regardless of weather conditions (schools will not dismiss students early); parents may pick up their children if they choose after first notifying the main office.

In the event of a delayed opening on a previously scheduled abbreviated day, dismissal time will be at the end of the regular school day.

Students will not be dismissed early if weather conditions worsen as the day progresses. Staff members will remain on site at all schools until every child has departed on the bus or has been picked up by a parent or caregiver.

Article Date: Jan 18, 2012