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Interim Assistant-to-the-Superintendent Appointed

Guy WhitlockFollowing the retirement of Bruce Dabney, Superintendent Alvarez has selected Guy Whitlock to serve as the interim replacement. Mr. Whitlock’s appointment as Interim Assistant-to-the-Superintendent is effective July 1.

During the 2008-09 school year, Mr. Whitlock served as the district’s Teacher on Special Assignment in the Department of Instruction at Central Office. That appointment followed more than a decade of experience teaching in the classroom, where his area of specialty was middle school language arts instruction. He is a former Weston Award winner and has received numerous commendations over the course of his career (see related article on this site).

The position of Assistant-to-the-Superintendent is critical to the functioning of the district, explained Superintendent Alvarez on Thursday.

In his new position, Mr. Whitlock will oversee the district mentoring program for new teachers. His other duties include resolving non-residency issues -- oversight that directly serves to reduce costs in the district -- and compiling annual reports including the Affirmative Action Report, the Violence & Vandalism Report, the USDOE Civil Rights Data Collection Report, the Safe & Drug-free Schools Programs Report, and the district’s monthly suspension report.

In addition, the Assistant-to-the-Superintendent represents the Montclair Public Schools on the Library Board and serves as the district’s Chairman of the Affirmative Action Committee.

Other duties include advising and assisting Principals and Assistant Principals at all schools, as well as overseeing Kindergarten, Freedom-of-Choice and other school placements.

Attendance at various community functions including the annual St. Mark’s Breakfast, the New Staff Breakfast, the NAACP Dinner and other events has also traditionally been part of the Assistant-to-the-Superintendent’s role.

“It’s a comprehensive, community-interactive position that supports a great deal of our work in the district,” said Dr. Alvarez. “Not only the school staffs but parents and students directly benefit from the work of the Assistant-to-the-Superintendent.”

In light of the creation of the newly-created Department of School/Community Relations, the functions of the Assistant-to-the-Superintendent may vary somewhat in the coming school year, in comparison with previous years. But overall, said Dr. Alvarez, “the position will continue to support the schools in the ways that have proven so effective over time.”

Mr. Whitlock, who officially assumed his new role July 1, said, “I can’t speak highly enough of Bruce Dabney and what he has meant to our district. I’m honored to succeed him, and am confident that my long experience in Montclair both personally and professionally, combined with my particular skill-set, will enable me to perform on the highest level.”

Mr. Dabney, who retired this spring, will continue to work in the district on a consultant basis and will be available to assist Mr. Whitlock in transitioning to the Assistant-to-the-Superintendent position.

“As a second generation lifelong resident of Montclair, I am very pleased with the appointment, which I see as a great opportunity to do positive work with our schools, students, parents and community,” Mr. Whitlock said. “It’s a job that presents a multitude of challenges and rewards, all in the service of attaining the highest quality education for our children. And at the end of the day, that is the reason I became an educator.”

The district welcomes Guy Whitlock as the new Interim Assistant-to-the-Superintendent.

Article Date: Jul 08, 2009