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Crossing Guards Get Their Just Rewards

At the Town Hall ceremony honoring Montclair’s Crossing Guards, each Guard was given a copy of the official Proclamation praising their service.

It officially started in August and will continue through next month. Honoring Montclair’s dedicated corps of Crossing Guards has been a broad-based effort this year by an appreciative community of kids, parents, town leaders and educators.

On August 27, a proclamation honoring the valuable work of Montclair’s Crossing Guards was issued by the Township Council in an official ceremony.

At the annual swearing-in of the Crossing Guards by the Montclair Police Department, every Guard was presented with a copy of the proclamation, voted in by the Township Council.

The proclamation thanked the Guards for standing faithfully at their posts on busy street corners in every kind of weather, and for facing down distracted and speeding motorists to get their charges safely across the street. It also praised them for showing children a familiar face every morning, for keeping an eye on their well-being, and for alerting the Police Department to dangerous drivers and driving conditions.

The Montclair Health and Wellness Partnership, along with Bike Montclair, initiated the Proclamation.

On International Walk-to-School Day this year, Montclair’s faithful Crossing Guards will once again be honored. On that day, October 7, the township will celebrate “Crossing Guard Appreciation Day” in conjunction with the international effort to encourage children to walk or bike to school.

It’s easy to observe this special day, says Alex Kent of the Health and Wellness Partnership: “While you and your children are walking to school on October 7 — or any other day! — please take the time to say ‘thank you’ to your local Crossing Guard with a card, flowers, a cup of coffee, or just a smile.”

The Montclair Public School district salutes the fine work of the Crossing Guards of the Montclair Police Department.

Article Date: Sep 25, 2009