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Plans to Renovate Woodman Baseball Field Revised

Baseball diamondFollowing a meeting of the Montclair Board of School Estimate on March 27, plans to wholly renovate the Woodman Baseball Field were scrapped in favor of repairing the field instead.

The $1 million plan would have repositioned the baseball diamond, moving it away from adjacent athletic areas, and increased it to regulation size. However, residents who voiced objections to the removal of trees at the site, which would have been necessary for the large-scale renovation, caused the Board of School Estimate to vote against the original plan. Montclair Mayor Ed Remsen stated that it was "impossible to ignore the testimony" of many Woodman neighborhood residents and other community members.

Along with Remsen, the Board of School Estimate is made up of Montclair Township Council members Jerry Tobin, Robin Schlaeger, and Board of Education members Florence Demming and Renee Baskerville.

Definite plans for the field repair have not yet been determined by the Board of Education.

Article Date: Mar 29, 2006