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Weston Awards Presented

(Above, l-r) Jill McLaughlin, Felice Landau, Drury Thorpe, Lisa Adams, Nicole Blank, Ted Shrensel, Tom Esposito, Josh Weston, Thomas Clifford, Judy Weston, Eli Siebert, Wendy Sabin (Weston Award Facilitator), Peter Von Hoffman, Christian Hart, Susan Thomas Ryan Casazza, Susan Thomas , Davida Harewood, Valerie Hampton. Click on the photo for a larger, printable version.

Congratulations are in order! This year, 16 Montclair Public Schools teachers have been selected as recipients of the annual Josh and Judy Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The Weston Award is presented annually to district teachers who have been nominated by parents. The committee that determines the winners, which includes Judy Weston, seeks to select candidates whose creativity, high expectations, energy, and concern for students rank among the highest in the school district. Winners of the annual Weston Award receive a $2,000 cash prize.

In 2010, the sixteen winners are:

  • Ryan Casazza, Math, Montclair High School
  • Thomas Esposito, Geometry, Montclair High School
  • Thomas Clifford, English, Montclair High School
  • Susan Thomas, Social Studies, Renaissance Middle School
  • Felice Landau, Special Education, Northeast School
  • Davida Harewood, Social Studies, Mt. Hebron Middle School
  • Nicole Blank, Science, Glenfield Middle School
  • Peter VonHoffman, Math, Glenfield Middle School
  • Eli Siebert, Math/Science, Hillside Elementary School
  • Christian Hart, Math/Science, Hillside Elementary School
  • Ted Shrensel, Physical Education, Rand Elementary School
  • Valerie Hampton, First Grade, Nishuane Elementary School
  • Jill McLaughlin, First Grade, Nishuane Elementary School
  • Nan Evangelista, First Grade, Bradford Elementary School
  • Lisa Adams, Math Specialist, Edgemont Elementary School
  • Drury Thorpe, 5th Grade Math, Watchung Elementary School

Judy and Josh Weston
The 2010 Weston Awards were presented on Monday, June 7, at the public meeting of the Montclair Board of Education. Judy Weston made the presentations, quoting letters from district parents who submitted the candidates’ names for consideration.

Following her speech, Mrs. Weston also thanked committee members Beth Wilensky and Wendy Sabin for their extensive assistance in the selection process.

The district thanks Josh and Judy Weston for their recognition of excellence in our teaching staff, and congratulates the 2010 Award winners.

Article Date: Jun 18, 2010