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Montclair Schools Commemorate Veterans Day

This week, Montclair schools are incorporating a variety of activities in the classroom to commemorate Veterans Day.

Bradford plans a flag-raising ceremony on Nov. 9. Students will be joined by Mayor Jerry Fried to recite the Pledge of Allegiance together at the flagpole, sing the national anthem, and hear from three veterans who will visit the school to speak with them.

In recognition of Veterans Day 2011, Bullock second grade teacher, Mrs. Lynne Williams, an Army veteran, will lead the monthly all-school flag salute and sing on the morning of Wed., Nov. 9. Mrs. Williams and Ms. Lourdes Armada, Bullock’s music teacher, have chosen patriotic music that all students have learned in music class. In addition, all classes are discussing Veterans Day as part of the social studies curriculum and classes are visiting the museum in the American Legion Crawford Crews Post for a guided tour.

Edgemont School will be participating in numerous activities in recognition of Veterans Day. Students will read a story about Veterans Day; discuss "Power Words" sacrifice, freedom; read a poem about veterans; write a thank you letter to a veteran; read Scholastic News' Veterans Day article; walk to Edgemont Park to view and discuss monument; discuss friends and family members who have served; add US wars to time lie and have students volunteer to research each war; give oral presentations about Veterans Day: what is a veteran and/or "A veteran I know…"; discuss the importance of the flag by viewing; and create an American flag with craft sticks.

At Hillside School, Renee Shahid and Lisa Frankle’s 5th grade students wrote and sent letters to a U.S. Navy ship protecting the coast of Somalia. 

At Nishuane, the focus is on traditions as part of November themes including early settlers like the Pilgrims and American symbols like the flag and Bald Eagle. The celebration of Veterans Day as part of an American tradition will be noted during Morning Meetings and Connected Classroom webcasts. 

Northeast will be conducting a variety of events in classrooms around the building. Class discussions around the words courage and brave will lead into lessons about patriotism. Additionally, students will be making cards for veterans in reflection of facts they have learned about their experiences, either through story or film. Depictions will be put together in a cascading star mobile and guest speakers have been invited. Also, school-wide we will be collecting excess Halloween candy throughout the next two weeks and then shipping it to veterans overseas.

At Renaissance, one teacher is doing "Poppies to Remember," an activity involving coloring and sharing red poppies to share with friends and family in honor of our WWI veterans. Students learn about the poppies in Flanders Field and read the associated poem by John McCrae. Another teacher said her class will be viewing and discussing videos from the History Channel. Students will also hear from a veteran who is also a substitute teacher in the district.

During the week, Watchung School will honor veterans on our “Wake Up Watchung” morning broadcast viewed by all students. Classes will also honor Veterans by learning about the history and importance of Veterans Day. 

Article Date: Nov 07, 2011
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