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Unemployment Compensation for School Employees

Who is considered a school employee?

For Unemployment Insurance purposes, a school employee is an individual who works or provides services for a public or private nonprofit school employer. Unless otherwise stated, a school employee can also be a school supportive employee who provides services to, or on behalf of, an educational institution.

School employee claims have distinctive eligibility requirements. For example, a school employee may not be eligible to receive benefits if all the following occur:

  • A claim is filed during a recess period.
    • What is a recess period?
    • A recess period is the period of time between terms, or within terms when classes are not usually scheduled. Examples of recess periods include summer vacation, off weeks and holiday recess such as Christmas or Spring break.

  • Only school wages are in the base period of the claim.
  • There is an offer to return to work for a school employer when the recess period ends.
    • What is reasonable assurance?
    • Reasonable assurance is a written, verbal, or implied agreement that the school employee will perform services for an educational institution during the next academic year, term, or remainder of a term. The agreement must ensure the economic terms and conditions are substantially the same as those conditions in the previous school year or term.

Terms used with School Employees

  • Professional school employee: A school employee who performs in an instructional, research, or principal administrative capacity (such as a teachers, principal, registrar, etc.).

  • Nonprofessional school employee: All other school employees (such as custodians, cafeteria workers, teacher's aides, etc.).

  • Certify for benefits: Claim your benefits by internet or telephone.


FAQ: Can I receive benefits during the summer if I am a school employee?

A. Employees paid by a non-profit private school, a public school, or a college, who have a reasonable assurance of returning to work after a school recess or holiday period, may not be eligible for benefits. However, if you had non-school employment with sufficient wages to establish a claim, you may be eligible for benefits.

If you work for a private contractor, which provides bus drivers, cafeteria services, etc, you may be eligible for benefits and should apply for benefits.

Page Updated: Sep 19, 2015