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School BusTransportation to and from school is available for students in the Montclair Public School District who meet the eligibility requirements.  These requirements are based on the shortest walking distance from the student’s residence to the
school they are attending.  According to board policy, transportation will be provided for the following students:

  1. All elementary students who reside more than 1 mile from their assigned district school.

  2. All middle school students who reside more than 1 mile from their assigned district school.

  3. All high school students who reside more than 2½ miles from the district high school.

All eligible students will be automatically assigned busing to/from the home address by the Transportation Office. Parents will be notified in August.

Alternate transportation to or from a babysitter or day care program is available provided that the following requirements are met:

  1. The student must be eligible for transportation from his/her home address.

  2. The babysitter or day care center must also meet the mileage eligibility requirement.

All assignments are made on a five-day-a-week basis.  Students cannot receive alternate transportation on certain days of the week.

Applications for alternate transportation will be available during school registration as well as at the Transportation Office and local day care centers. They are also available here. Applications for alternate transportation should be submitted to the Transportation Office by August 15. Parents applying after August 15 cannot be assured an assignment at the beginning of the school year.

Also note, the alternate address form must be completed each school year. Alternate assignments are voided at the end of each school year, and your child’s assignment will be returned to the original home address.

Page Updated: Jun 19, 2016