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English Department

Department Chair - James Earle

 Phone: (973) 509-4100 ext. 4069

The English curriculum centers on the development of literacy, thinking and analytical skills, language proficiency and communication through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. It incorporates the use of up-to-date technology, the computer, video and film within its scope. It provides a wide variety of experiences in the study of multi-cultural, historical, biographical, classical and contemporary literature and considers the works of authors, of both genders, in the Western tradition and from around the world. It includes the study of literary genres, movements, trends, and schools of literary thought. Further, it provides the impetus for research and the acquisition of skills, on all levels, in the language arts and related disciplines. It encourages creativity through writing, oral interpretation, critical evaluation, group discussion, collaborative learning and independent study. All courses in the English curriculum include the English/Language Arts Core Standards and Proficiencies as established by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

Writing is required in all courses in each grade. The writing process is encouraged, particularly in ninth grade World Literature, where drafting, revision, redrafting and editing are employed. Peer editing, peer evaluation and self-reflection are included in the process, and a rubric has been established as a guide and assessment tool. In many classes, across the Department, writing folders are kept for each student, and portfolios are often used as alternative means of assessment in arriving at an additional component of the students final grade. Content and style are regarded as central to effective writing, though structure, spelling, grammar, usage and the mechanics of writing are carefully examined in the overall production of an accomplished paper. Research and critical studies, or reviews, are included at all levels, and instruction in accurate and appropriate citation is provided. The MLA Style Manual is the preferred method of citation used in the Department. Students are informed of and encouraged to participate in local, statewide, and national creative writing contests (poetry, prose, and drama) and essay competitions.

At the successful completion of four years of English courses in grades 9 - 12, students will be able, among other skills, too:

  1. Evaluate the intricacies and general usage of language, the expression of ideas, and the creative impulse in a variety of literary forms, traditions and genres;

  2. Analyze, write about, research and discuss the media (both print and non-print) and other literary forms;

  3. Apply and evaluate the appropriate uses of diction, syntax, grammatical forms, spelling, and sentence structure in oral and written communication;

  4. Recognize and use cause and effect, persuasion, problem-solution, description and comparison/contrast formats in essay writing, exposition and creative writing; and

  5. Develop skills in reading comprehension, test taking, study techniques, vocabulary usage, language analogies and a range of communication techniques applicable to literature and language.

General course requirements anticipate that students will be expected to:

  1. Maintain a high level of preparation and participation;

  2. Bring the necessary supplies and materials to class daily;

  3. Attend class regularly and arrive punctually;

  4. Complete all homework and in-class assignments;

  5. Accomplish all work successfully such as unit tests, quizzes, reports, essays, projects and research; and

  6. Demonstrate decorum, cooperation and a positive attitude toward the educational and social processes of every course.

Staff of the Department of English Department

Cassandra Anderson

Shaunte Anthony

Anne Baney-Giampoala

Jennifer Bent

Bette Bland (2760)

Andrea Bonvini (2742)

Laura Cella (2743)

Rakhi Chadha

Rachel Chelius (2627)

Kersy Corporan (2750)

Tara Delmour

Ashley Dorian

Jeffrey Freeman (2751)

Jeff Gannon (2752)

Lisa Honczarenko

Pamela Joyce (5043)

Helen Kuryllo (5061)

Orah Massarsky (2756)

Andrea McLaughlin (2757)

Erika Pierce

Louis Racioppe (2758) 

Sally Ann Rembert (5103)

Petal Robertson (2759)

Jamie Siwinski (5111)

Andrea Smith-Morgan

Nicholas Stambuli

Beryl Steinbach (2784)

Dr. Stephen Vallillo

Dr. Elizabeth Voltman

Gregory Woodruff


Page Updated: Oct 24, 2013
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