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School of Visual and Performing Arts

Department Chair - Ms. Eileen Gilbert

Phone: (973) 509-4100 ext. 4004

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The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Montclair High School offers a major course of study and training in one or more of the Fine and Performing Arts. The school provides its students with an exposure to the allied arts in a challenging and professional atmosphere where individual commitment and responsibility to group are paramount. This is a unique department within the high school that offers two distinct educational components. The programmatic component offers courses of study for credit in one or more of the fine or performing fields of Art, Theater, Music, Dance and Television Production. All courses offered by the School of Visual and Performing Arts are available to all students of Montclair High School as electives.

The performance component focuses on co-curricular activities that showcase students' skills and talents through exhibitions, concerts, recitals, and productions. Productions during the course of the year may include plays, a musical theater showcase, dance programs, student recitals, vocal and instrumental music concerts and TV productions, which add to the student's course of study.

Rehearsal time usually falls between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. daily. Experience in theater management also adds to the student's course of study.

As a result of their successful study of our required and elective S.V.P.A. courses in grades 9-12, students will:

  1. Develop knowledge and skills that strengthen and sharpen aesthetic awareness in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.

  2. Develop the ability to evaluate works of art based on aesthetic principles and artistic elements using higher order thinking skills.

  3. Develop and demonstrate an appreciation of music, theatre, visual arts and dance as essential forms of human expression.

  4. Develop perceptual, intellectual, physical and technical skills in the creation of dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

  5. Identify and develop an understanding of the elements, media and the unique qualities which dance, music, theatre and visual arts share to produce artistic outcomes.

  6. Develop skills for the safe use of materials, technology and procedures.

  7. Develop skills for the artistic expression with contemporary technologies.

  8. Demonstrate self-awareness, creative thinking and confidence, self-discipline, collaboration and risk-taking through dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

  9. Develop thinking skills by observing, describing, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating the artistic content and form in dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

  10. Demonstrate an acceptance of constructive criticism and the ability for ongoing self-evaluation.

  11. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of arts-related careers, other work competencies, leisure activity and personal life skills developed through dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

  12. Develop an understanding of the academic importance of dance, music, theatre and visual arts and their potential for interdisciplinary relationship with all curricula.

  13. Identify historical, social and cultural influences and traditions that generated artistic accomplishment throughout the ages and which continue to shape contemporary arts. This will include, but not be limited to, the accomplishments of women, ethnic, racial and cultural communities; and the physically and mentally challenged.

  14. Recognize and understand that artists and arts institutions contribute to and preserve our cultural heritage as well as influence the contemporary arts

As general course requirements, students are expected to

  1. Participate in class and complete assignments.

  2. Attend class regularly and punctually and bring necessary supplies and materials to class daily.

  3. Use originality and imagination.

  4. Develop workmanship and skills.

  5. Write compositions and take quizzes.

Class participation (50%), originality and imagination (30%), workmanship and skills (10%) and written composition and quizzes (10%) will determine marking period grades

Staff of the Visual and Performing Arts Department

Mary Blackburn 4147

Kenneth Cleerdin 5016

Boyce Ennis 4122

Joanne Petrigliano 3955

Roger Tucker 5117

Dr. Stephen Vallillo 5118

Krista Voorhis 5120

James Wasko 4104

Angela Yanette

Page Updated: Oct 24, 2013
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