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Developmental Learning Center
Prekindergarten Special Needs Program

Developmental Learning Center

Supervisor: Mrs. Jennifer Finnerty

Phone: 973-509-4208
Fax: 973-509-4224
Open: 9:00 am
Close: 3:15 pm
Dismissal Time on Abbreviated Days: 1:50 pm

The Developmental Learning Center (DLC) is a special educational setting for children ages three and up. Currently the classrooms are composed of five types of educational settings” Pre School Self-contained Classes (am and pm sessions), In-Class Support for students included with their typically developing peers; and one Pre-School class for students with Autism.

The Preschool Self-contained classes are taught from a multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate perspective. The teachers are trained in the most up to date special educational strategies that are currently available. Each child’s program is based on their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that has been developed by the DLC team, including the child’s parent. Children may receive speech and language services and occupational and physical therapies based on their individual needs. The High Scope curriculum is used in our preschool classes, which is recommended by the State of New Jersey for preschool programs.

In addition, the DLC utilizes sensory integration techniques, behavior modification strategies and the Picture Exchange Communication s Systems (PECS) to support the individual needs of the children. All activities are geared to promote the further development of speech and language including oral-motor functioning, fine and gross motor skills, social and play skills, as well as kindergarten readiness skills.

The autistic classes are taught in a research based approach, using the most effective method for the individual child. Methodologies used are Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Sensory Integration (SI) techniques and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Children receive one-to-one instruction, with the goal of helping them to work independently within the classroom. We have a full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a full-time behavior analyst assistant who support our autism program, as well as our other programs.

It is the goal of the DLC staff to provide a healthy, safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment for the students. We work collaboratively with the parents of our students to promote their optimal educational growth.

Page Updated: Oct 24, 2015