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Bradford Students See Results of Their Efforts

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Catchment system and appreciative users together with Bradford's second graders.Top left: The catchment system in Indonesia, funded with help from Bradford's second graders.
Right: Students at the Talise Elementary School show their appreciation.
Bottom left: Last year's Bradford second graders pose for a picture during the June 2018 WaterThon event.

Last June, Bradford second graders held their 7th Annual WaterThon in Mountainside Park, raising $2,982.91 for The Project Solution, a donor community founded in 2009. The mission of The Project Solution is to encourage philanthropy and to create quantifiable change in distressed areas of the world.

Recently, Bradford received an update on their efforts. Local volunteers in Indonesia worked hard to install a water tank at a school, a high capacity rainwater catchment system fitted with a filtration system designed to remove impurities, which results in clean, safe drinking water.

“This project is situated at the Talise Elementary School located in the region of Tambun, in North Sulawesi,” said an email to Bradford from The Project Solution. “Thanks to you and your generous support, over 200 people now have access to clean water including students, teachers, and the local community.” 

In conjunction with the fundraiser, students learned about the water cycle and water scarcity issues around the world. The event itself had all of the second graders walking a small outdoor loop in Mountainside Park while carrying one gallon jugs of water to give the students some small sense of the challenges that other children face around the world in transporting water.

Read more about this year’s event.

Updated: 9/25/2018