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MPS Workshop on Trauma

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MPS BOE members, administrators, school nurses and counselors attended the workshop. 

On May 24, Montclair Public Schools staff attended a workshop given by Montclair’s former Director of the Rape Crisis Unit, Ursula Liebowitz. The workshop focused on dealing with sexual assault, including identification, trauma, treatment, what to do, what not to and providing resources for administrators, school nurses, police representatives, Student Assistance Counselors and Guidance and CST professionals.  

Liebowitz has extensive experience in counseling and dealing with trauma. She has also been a presenter in the Montclair Public School’s health classes and during the Week of Respect and Safe Schools Week.

Below, Among the attendees were Interim Superintendent Barbara Pinsak, Board of Education member Jessica de Koninck, Board of Education President Laura Hertzog, Liebowitz and District Anti-Bullying and Mental Health Coordinator, Andrew Evangelista.

Updated: 8/18/2018