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District Celebrates Successful ESL Workshop Program for Families

Thursday, June 1, 2017

At left: Janet Villalobos, one of the ESL workshop participants and Barbara San Martin.
At right: Montclair High School student Angel Barge opened the celebratory event singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

In what was a night of great celebration marking a wonderful accomplishment, the Montclair Public Schools’ first Parent/Guardian ESL Workshop concluded with a ceremony honoring attendees for their participation and dedication.

Earlier this spring, the Montclair Public Schools offered district families a series of English as a Second Language Workshops. Twenty parents/guardians participated in the program held at the Charles H. Bullock School and taught by MPS teachers Tania Lorusso, Doretha Armstead, Barbara San Martin and Janet Villalobos.

The workshop series culminated with a Celebration of Achievement for the attendees who were honored with certificates for their completion of the program. Director of Secondary Education Marcos Vargas toasted the participants while Assistant Superintendent for Equity Dr. Kendra V. Johnson acknowledged the many people involved in putting this valuable initiative together, including the district teachers, Cabral Edley and Tasha Barge who assisted with childcare, CHB Principal Nami Kuwabara for hosting the event, and the school’s PTA.

“It was my distinct pleasure to have celebrated our honorees with the pomp and circumstance they deserve for all their hard work and commitment,” said Vargas. “I was fortunate enough to see this initiative from its inception to its culmination, and I can assure everyone that it was well worth the effort. Once again, I congratulate our participants and encourage them to continue enhancing their English language experience.”

Below, at left: Tania Lorusso, one of the ESL workshop participants, and Marcos Vargas.
Below, at right: Doretha Armstead and one of the ESL workshop participants.

Updated: 8/18/2018