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Parenting Resources

Links to Resources

  1. Bullying

  2. - Children and the media

  3. - Articles on physical, emotional health and development.

  4. Topics on this website include: Children & Money, Controversial Parenting Ideas & Styles, Disciplining Children, Effective Communication, Motivating Children, Parenting Teenagers, Values & Ethics and more. There is a short video “Animal School” that helps illuminate the challenges and adult perceptions that face special needs children.

  5. 10 resolutions that show your kids you care

  6. Active listening

  7. Bicycling tips

  8. Transitions: How you can help your child adapt to middle school

  9. What does a SAC (Student Assistance Counselor) do?

  10. What does a school nurse do?

  11. Prevention of teen marijuana use video.

Updated: 3/8/2018