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Pre-K Board Member General Expectations

Montclair Community Pre-K
Seeking a Community Volunteer to Serve as Preschool Board Member

The Montclair Community Pre-K (MCPK) is dedicated to early childhood educational excellence and reflects the values, diversity and inclusiveness of our community. Our mission is to offer all three- to five-year olds in Montclair a high-quality education that prepares them for success in kindergarten and beyond, regardless of the family's ability to pay tuition. The MCPK was founded in 1998 to serve as the Township’s public preschool given that the Montclair Public Schools decided to no longer offer its fully funded public four-year old program.  The MCPK’s nationally-recognized program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and meets the highest standards in early childhood education.

The MCPK is seeking a board member who is committed to excellence in preschool education. The school’s current board members reflect the Montclair community and bring with them a diversity of expertise including education, communications, public relations, sales, finance, fundraising, family involvement and community engagement.   Two Board members are appointed by the Montclair Board of Education, and we are seeking to fill one of these two positions.  For this position, we are seeking an individual who brings the following expertise and interests:

  • Believes in the importance of quality preschool education for all children,
  • Believes in the importance of hands-on and minds-on learning for all children and developmentally appropriate practice,
  • Will build additional financial and in-kind supporters of quality preschool education and specifically the MCPK,
  • Will advocate for increased funding for publicly supported preschool including the MCPK,
  • Understands the Montclair Public Schools and wants to make linkages with MCPK to improve educational outcomes for its incoming students (i.e. connections to kindergarten social, emotional, literacy and math practices),
  • Values quality professional development for educators including the possibility of sharing training between the district and preschool providers,
  • Embraces the concept of closing the opportunity gap and will help MCPK to continue making strides at the preschool level and through connections into kindergarten and beyond, and
  • Champions effective inclusive preschool education and will work with MCPK and DLC to continue developing the most effective inclusion model possible.

General expectations of all board members include:  attending the 6 meetings per year, serving on at least one board committee and raising supporters and/or dollars to support the quality of the program.

For more information about the Montclair Community Pre-K, please visit

If interested in becoming a Board member, send a letter of interest by December 11 to Montclair Public Schools' Business Administrator/Board Secretary Emidio D'Andrea.


Updated: 11/3/2017