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Students Accelerated in Learning (SAIL)
Programmatic Enhancement

During the 17-18 school year, the district has commenced a thoughtful phase planning process to enhance SAIL programming in the district.

In an effort to collect data to clearly understand our needs, the following data is being requested:

 A. Input from parents/guardians with students currently enrolled in SAIL (includes parents/guardians of students enrolled in High Honors/Advanced Placement, AP)

  • Held Parents/Guardians Meeting on February 6, 2018
  • Requesting parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in SAIL to complete the survey below:

B. Input from students who are currently enrolled in a SAIL course (includes students enrolled High Honors/AP)

  • Requesting students currently enrolled in SAIL to complete the survey:

 C. Input from administrators (survey already sent and received)
 D. Input from teachers (survey already sent and received)

An overview of our current needs will be shared at an upcoming Board Meeting. The four phases to our work include:

  1. Phase one of our work will inform the creation of a uniform and consistent identification process. 
  2. Phase two of our work will be the formation of resources for SAIL instruction and support.
  3. Phase three of our work is a review and restructuring of our service model.
  4. Phase four of our work is a program evaluation.

Parents/guardians who do not have students identified, but would like to share thoughts are invited to email thoughts/reflections to Dr. Kendra Johnson at


Updated: 6/7/2018