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Budget 2018-2019

Check back here often to keep track of the Budget process for 2018-2019.

Video(s) of Board of School Estimates Hearings

November 29, 2017

Community Forum on School Funding and Finance

In response to community requests, the Board of Education held an informational forum on school funding and finance for the Montclair community on Mon., Oct. 30, 2017. The forum covered this important aspect to our schools with the goal of helping Montclair residents gain increased understanding of school funding and budgeting and provide food for thought on ways all of us can advocate for our schools. District leadership described the sources of school funding and the structure and components of a typical annual budget; Mayor Robert Jackson discussed the role of the Board of School Estimate (BOSE) in reviewing and approving both operating and capital budgets for the district; and Senator Nia Gill shared her perspective on current trends and issues in school funding and other priorities, as well as thoughts on ways citizens can engage in the legislative arena to support the public schools.

Updated: 11/30/2017