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Purchasing Manual

November 2014

All District Employees:

This Purchasing Manual is designed to guide all Board of Education employees in the correct purchasing procedures so they will be in full compliance with the New Jersey Public School Contract Law Title 18A:18A and Board of Education policy.

The manual is designed to achieve three goals:

  1. Follow the law and board policy on purchasing
  2. Promote efficiency and accountability in purchasing practices;
  3. Achieve savings through responsible purchasing practices.

With good planning, we can achieve these goals and eliminate much of the frustration that is encountered in all public school purchasing procedures. Part of that planning should include a review of those items you need on an annual and/or recurring basis. Please allow sufficient time between generating a requisition and the actual date the materials or services are needed.

This manual must be reviewed and used as a guideline by all employees involved in the purchasing process, including administrators, supervisors, teachers, secretaries, and others who are involved in purchasing for the district. It is imperative that everyone adhere to all purchasing laws and guidelines as strict penalties may result to employees not following proper procedures.

If you have any questions about the guidelines in this manual or need assistance with it or any other purchasing issues, please do not hesitate to call the Business Office.

Thank you,

Brian Fleischer
Chief Operations Officer/Board Secretary

Updated: 11/30/2016