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Agenda: November 1, 2016

See printable agenda

Agenda Topic Expected Outcome. Meeting participants will be able to:
Welcome, Introductions, and Proposed Meeting Norms (see end of this document) Identify DEAC members and explain the processes governing our DEAC meetings.


Revisit the Role of DEAC*
  • Recommended Standards of Practice Document (? – subcommittee work)
Communicate the purpose of DEAC.
Proposed Montclair Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook*
  • The Handbook Strengths
  • The Handbook Areas for Enhancement
  • Proposed Shifts in Weights for Marshall Evaluation
Analyze the Proposed Montclair Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook and provide critical feedback to enhance its utilization and effectiveness.
Emerging Topics/Next Meeting Agenda Setting:
  • Marshall Tool (feedback from staff?)
  • Student Growth Objective (SGO) creation (what additional supports are needed in the future?)
Explore topics of interest with DEAC Members, and explain agenda setting norms moving forward.
Closing Remarks and Good of the Group Announcements Communicate any salient commentary for the good of the group and explain any follow-up action(s).

Meeting notes will be provided to the DEAC membership before posting to the district DEAC page.  Of course, any sensitive information will not be included in the notes or shared publicly in meetings.

DEAC: Proposed Meeting Norms 

  • WE WILL WORK TOGETHER as a community that values consensus rather than majority rule.

  • WE WILL BE FULLY “PRESENT’’ at the meeting by becoming familiar with materials before we arrive and by being attentive to behaviors which affect physical and mental engagement.

  • WE WILL INVITE AND WELCOME the contributions of every member and listen to each other. No one person will dominate discussions.

  • WE WILL BE INVOLVED to our individual level of comfort. Each of us is responsible for airing disagreements during the meeting rather than carrying those disagreements outside the DEAC meeting.

  • WE WILL OPERATE in a collegial and friendly atmosphere.

  • WE WILL USE HUMOR as appropriate to help us work better together.

  • WE WILL KEEP CONFIDENTIAL our individual discussions, comments, and deliberations. Individual names will not be attached to specific comments in the meeting notes.

  • WE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for examining all points of view before a consensus is accepted.

  • WE WILL BE GUIDED BY the Montclair Public School’s mission and vision statements coupled with the requirements outlined in AchieveNJ.  Our focus is always on organizational discipline so we can continue to promote the success of each student within the Montclair Public Schools. 

Updated: 11/28/2016