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Committee Members

Ms. Frances Aboushi Teacher, Social Studies - Glenfield*
Ms. Diane Anglin Community Member
Ms. Stacey Cooper Parent, Charles H. Bullock, Renaissance Middle and Montclair High School
Dr. Kendra V. Johnson Superintendent, Central Office
Ms. Stephanie Bowen Teacher, Special Education - Nishuane*
Ms. Jennifer Goforth Director, Mathematics/Science (K-12), Central Office
Ms. Laura Hertzog President, Montclair Board of Education
Dr. Shivoyne Trim Supervisor, Special Education/Pupil Services, Central Office
Ms. Angela Falco Teacher, Dean of Students and Operations, Northeast*
Mr. Anthony Grosso Acting Principal, Glenfield
Ms. Samira Harris Teacher, Grade 3 - Hillside*
Ms. Kathleen Hart Teacher, Grade 1 - Edgemont*
Ms. Cheryl Hopper Principal, Edgemont
Ms. Nami Kuwabara Principal, Bullock
Ms. Denise Macaluso Teacher, Grade 3 - Bradford*
Ms. Colleen Markham Teacher, Special Education - Watchung*
Mr. Jonathan Meyer Teacher, Social Studies - Montclair High School*
Ms. Nicole Farjani Paraprofessional, Kindergarten - Bullock
Ms. Alex Scriffiano Teacher, Grade 3 - Hillside*
Ms. Karyn Senatore Paraprofessional, Special Education - Bradford
Ms. Tameka Stafford Teacher, Special Education - Renaissance*
Ms. Betty Strauss Supervisor of Nursing, Central Office
Mr. Marcos Vargas Director, Secondary Education, Central Office
Ms. Kimberly Westervelt Assistant Principal, Montclair High School
Mr. Edward Wilson Special Education Supervisor, Central Office
Mr. Eric Pohill Teacher, Curriculum Support - Buzz Aldrin

*Represents a teacher who also serves on his or her respective school’s ScIP.

Updated: 9/6/2018