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District Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) Meeting Minutes

DEAC logoCentral Office
2nd Floor Conference Room

November 1, 2016  

Meeting Attendees 

Diane Anglin (Parent); Stephanie Bowen (Teacher); James Earle (Principal); Angela Falco (Dean); Anthony Grosso (Principal); Kathleen Hart (Teacher); Cheryl Hopper (Principal); Kendra Johnson (Assistant Superintendent/Chair); Nami Kuwabara (Principal); Denise Macaluso (Teacher); Maureen McCormack (Dean); Tameka Stafford (Teacher); Marcos Vargas (Director); Edward Wilson (Principal); Alex Woody (Teacher); Jennifer Finnerty (Supervisor); Kimberly Westervelt (Assistant Principal); SallyAnn Howell-Rembert (Teacher)

Meeting Agenda and Notes

Agenda Topic Expected Outcome: Meeting participants will be able to Meeting Notes

Welcome, Introductions and Proposed Meeting Norms 

Identify DEAC members and explain the processes governing our DEAC meetings. 

  • DEAC members introduced themselves.
  • DEAC members accepted the proposed meeting norms without any updates.  The purpose of the proposed meeting norms is to make sure the interest of all voices is heard.  All committee member names are public. 
  • DEAC members understand their names are public, and individuals may reach out to them for insight.

Revisit the Role of DEAC
• Recommended Standards of Practice Document (? – subcommittee work)  

Communicate the purpose of DEAC. 

  • Dr. Johnson reviewed the requirements of DEAC (per AchieveNJ)
  • A review of all evaluations is needed.
  • Kim Marshall has been contacted for annual professional development for observers.
  • Additional work of DEAC was discussed.

Proposed Montclair Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook

• The Handbook Strengths

• The Handbook Areas for Enhancement

• Proposed Shifts in Weights for Marshall Evaluation  

Analyze the Proposed Montclair Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook and provide critical feedback to enhance its utilization and effectiveness. 

  • Montclair Public Schools Evaluation Handbook was reviewed.  DEAC members will provide ongoing feedback, as needed.  The document is a living, internal resource to promote ongoing professional growth and support.
  • A focused discussion regarding the weights occurring.
  • The discussion related to what we believed our rationale should be for DEAC. 
  • General comments:
  1. Planning, delivery and monitoring should all be weighed the same.
  2. Recommendation for more emphasis on delivery of instruction.
  3. What is valued and what message are we sending.  Various opinions were given.  What is really important?
  4. Classroom management – teachers and students have difficult days and should not be penalized for a difficult day.  It does not mean the teacher is ineffective.
  5. Evaluation process should be collaborative.
  6. Kim Marshall – observation is organic (capturing multiple unannounced observations to get a clear picture of what is taking place in the classroom).
  7. How can we create a system in which individuals feel valued and supported?
  • Possible professional development opportunities for school communities include peer observations.  These observations are voluntary for professional growth.
  • The number of mini-observations was reviewed.  The submitted a request to reduce the number of observations was approved by NJDOE.

Emerging Topics/Next Meeting Agenda Setting:

• Marshall Tool (feedback from staff?)

• Student Growth Objective (SGO) creation (what additional supports are needed in the future?)  

Explore topics of interest with DEAC members, and explain agenda setting norms moving forward. 

Agenda Setting:

  • Ongoing reflection of the Marshall tool will occur.  It is a good tool to support teachers, and there is belief that we might be able to enhance our support of teachers/staff.
  •  Attendance policy should be clarified with all staff.

Closing Remarks and Good of the Group Announcements  

Communicate any salient commentary for the good of the group and explain any follow-up action(s). Meeting notes will be provided to the DEAC membership before posting to the district DEAC page. Of course, any sensitive information will not be included in the notes or shared publically in meetings.

  • Attendance policy should be revisited.
  • Subcommittee to review current evaluation frameworks for all employees.


Meeting Follow-up Items:

  • Attendance policy should be revisited with staff.
    • Review of the accountability metrics for staff.
    • The Kim Marshall Evaluation System model embraces growth.
    • DEAC members recommended two options for domain weights for teacher evaluation.  The final weight will be communicated within 30 days of the meeting.
    • Continue to review the Kim Marshall Evaluation Framework.  The model embraces growth, which is a component DEAC supports.  However, considerations regarding enhancement should be considered. 
      • A subcommittee for evaluation framework review for all employee groups. 

Next Meeting:

  • February 7, 2017 (4:30-6:00 pm; 2nd Floor Conference Room, Central Office)

Updated: 11/28/2016