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District Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) Meeting

Central Office
2nd Floor Conference Room

February 7, 2017

Meeting Attendees:  Diane Anglin (Parent), Jennifer Bloch (Director), Jessica de Koninck (Board President), Angela Falco (Dean of Student Operations), Kathleen Hart (Teacher), Cheryl Hopper (Principal), Kendra Johnson (Assistant Superintendent – DEAC Chair), Nami Kuwabara (Principal), Maureen McCormack (Dean of Student Operations), Tameka Stafford (Teacher), Betty Strauss (Nursing Supervisor), Marcos Vargas (Director), Kimberly Westervelt (Assistant Principal), Edward Wilson (Principal), Alex Woody (Teacher), Jennifer Finnerty (Developmental Learning Center/Supervisor), Joanna Zschack (Developmental Learning Center) and Vanessa Daerti (Teacher).

1. Welcome and Review Meeting Norms

Notes: We reviewed the norms governing our DEAC meetings.

2. Review the November DEAC Meeting Notes

  • Update on Marshall domain percentages
  • Update on attendance discussion
  • Resources for staff (T-Eval home page)

Notes: We examined the notes from the last meeting to establish any unfinished items.  We confirmed that the Marshall domain percentages were Board approved in November 2016.  Further, we confirmed that the attendance guidelines are under review with the Board policy committee.  Attendance guidelines will be shared relative to next steps as soon as the information becomes available.

3. Evaluation templates (17-18)

Committee Work Needed

  • Deans
  • Curriculum and Support Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Guidance Counselors /SACs

Notes: We analyzed the rubrics used to evaluate individuals in non-classroom teacher roles.  Three rubric and revision sub-committees were created to address rubrics for:  nurses, deans and curriculum and support teachers, and paraprofessionals.  We still require a sub-committee review the rubric for guidance counselors/SACs.

4. Achieve NJ

  • 16-17 Work
    • Professional Development Plan (PDP)
    • Student Growth Objective (SGO) creation
    • Annual review of evaluation rubric
    • Required number of observations  (Teachers: 8 NT and 6 T; Non-Teachers: 4 NT and 2 T)
  • 17-18 (will be included in Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) 

Notes: We explored topics of interest with DEAC members and explained agenda setting norms moving forward.  It was recommended that we create district modules for each school to use so we have consistency in messaging.  The module topics should include PDP, SGO creation and framework summary.

5. Closing Remarks and Good of the Group Announcements

Notes: We communicated any salient commentary for the good of the group and explained any follow-up action(s).

Next Meeting: May 2, 2017 (4:30-6:00 pm; 2nd Floor Conference Room, Central Office)

Updated: 4/5/2017