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Equity, Access and Opportunity

Presentation, April 12, 2017
Dr. Kendra V. Johnson

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Equity, Access and Opportunity Presentation Goals

  • Operationally define key equity, access and opportunity terms.

  • Describe the status of equity, access and opportunity work from the context of the June 2015 Report of the Achievement Gap Advisory Panel coupled with currently defined equity agenda within the school district.

Essential Equity, Access and Opportunity Terms

  • Educational Equity
  • Access and Opportunity
  • Achievement Gap
  • Microaggressions
  • Culturally Responsive Instruction
  • Disproportionality
  • Privilege

Curriculum and Instruction

Work Accomplished

  • Created a culturally responsive thinking protocol.
  • Created a culturally responsive module for all curriculum writers.

Work Underway

  • Revise curriculum using a culturally responsive disposition.
  • Created a culturally responsive training for all new teachers (May 2017).


  • Establish consistent criteria for intervention courses.

District Equity Plan

Work Accomplished/Recommendations

  • Created a plan to organize a district equity team.
  • Created an English as a Second Language (ESL) class for current parents/guardians (effort created in conjunction with the Charles H. Bullock Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Work Underway

  • Develop an engage and excite strategy.


  • Identify a funding source for district equity work.

Professional Development

Work Accomplished

  • Five Undoing Racism sessions provided during the 2016-17 school year.
  • Created an in-person training for cultural sensitivity and responsive practice.
  • Scheduled culturally responsive professional development scheduled for all first year teachers.
  • Offered optional district-wide culturally responsive professional development.
    • One supplemental training has occurred at the following schools: Buzz Aldrin, Bradford and Edgemont.
    • Supplemental training scheduled to occur during the 2016-17:  Charles H. Bullock, Hillside, Nishuane and Renaissance.

Work Underway

  • Three Undoing Racism sessions scheduled in May and June.
  • Ongoing engagement with administrators.

Title I

Work Accomplished

  • Created Title I procedural manual.
    • Current schools receiving Title I funding:  Charles H. Bullock, Buzz Aldrin, Edgemont, Hillside, Glenfield, Nishuane and Northeast.
  • Aligned extended day programs with compliance expectations.

Work Underway

  • Develop program effectiveness structures.


  • Ensure data informed 2017-18 extended data programming.


Work Accomplished 

  • Introduced equity connection within the existing teacher evaluation framework.

Work Underway

  • Professional development must continue.

Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Complaints

Work Accomplished

  • Four current complaints (special education, Americans with Disabilities Act website accessibility and program access).

Work Underway

  • Assessment of districtwide practices, policies and regulations. 


  • Create data collection and analysis protocols.

Next Steps and Considerations

  • Select and create culturally responsive curriculum and instructional resources.
  • Establish consistent criteria for intervention courses.
  • Identify a funding source for district equity work.
  • Establish reliable data metrics and systems to inform thoughtful programming.
  • Create an internal equity regulation/administrative procedure.


Updated: 9/25/2017