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Our Equity Commitment

The Office of the Superintendent through the Assistant Superintendent for Equity partners with stakeholders to create instructional environments that support academic rigor, access, cultural relevance, and relationships that ignite the potential of each and every student as the norm.  

Specifically, we will create organizational language and understanding relative to institutionalized practices that have historically underserved certain groups of students. Further, we will build the capacity of leaders to critically analyze practices, processes, and programs to promote inclusive environments that honor every student's ability, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, language, and sexual orientation.

The Assistant Superintendent for Equity will monitor compliance with the annual Office of Civil Rights reporting structure, annual comprehensive equity planning and respond to any potential civil rights or affirmative action complaints/concerns.

Equally as important, the Assistant Superintendent for Equity will provide Montclair Public Schools staff a safe space for ongoing professional development to discuss and respond to issues of equity and access in schools and the classroom, multicultural education, racial and cultural awareness, and diversity.  A listing of our professional development offerings is available by clicking the appropriate link on the right.  For your consideration, these offerings will continuously emerge to respond to the needs in the field.  Further, the Assistant Superintendent for Equity will provide ongoing support during new curriculum selection, ongoing district instructional review work and instructional resources to increase student achievement for each Montclair Public School. To promote continuing support to those closest to the students, the Assistant Superintendent for Equity will also oversee the district’s teacher observation and evaluation process.

   District Equity Contact
 Dr. Kendra Johnson
Assistant Superintendent for Equity
 (973) 509-4000



Updated: 10/17/2017