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English as a Second Language

The Montclair Public Schools offer English as a Second Language (ESL) to students K through 12 who are developing their proficiency in the English language. Student eligibility is determined through the administration of a New Jersey state approved English proficiency assessment. The individual progress of English Language Learners (ELLs) is carefully tracked through the administration of the annual ACCESS 2.0 standardized test.

English as a Second Language K-5

At the elementary level (grades K-5) English as a Second Language is offered to students whose primary language is not English, as well as to learners who are still developing proficiency in English as a second language. Eligible students are enrolled in the mainstream classroom, however receive supplemental instruction in an intensive small group setting. ESL instruction is delivered exclusively in English through a proficiency-based approach and develops linguistic concepts, as well as academic language that may be transferred across content areas.

English as a Second Language 6-12

English as a Second Language is offered in grades 6-12 at the beginning, intermediate, as well as advanced levels. Students enrolled in the program receive supplemental instruction exclusively in English. This instruction continues to provide students with imperative linguistic concepts, as well as the academic language necessary across content areas.

Additional ESL Resources

Updated: 3/12/2018