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Food Service Information for 2017-2018

Food Service Information for
School Year 2017-2018

The Montclair Public Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program.  We provide the five components of a complete lunch as required by the USDA.  These components are meat/protein alternative, bread/grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.  To obtain a full, reduced or free lunch at the listed price, the lunch must include at least three of the five components.  One of the three components taken must be a ½ cup of fruit and/or vegetable to be considered a full lunch.  If a complete lunch is not purchased, each item is purchased separately or à la carte.

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Free/Reduced Lunch Status

A free/reduced lunch application must be completed each year in order for a student to continue receiving free/reduced meals.  Each year’s application is valid only through the beginning of the next school year.  If a new application is not completed the student’s status will be changed to full price for meals during the month of October.

Why should I complete the free/reduced lunch application?

If you need assistance with the form, please visit your school's main office. They will be glad to help.

Meal Prices for 2017-2018

School Type
Full Price
Reduced Price
Full Price
Reduced Price
Elementary School $ 2.10 $ 0.30 $ 3.40 $ 0.40
Middle School $ 2.35 $ 0.30 $ 3.65 $ 0.40
High School $ 2.60 $ 0.30 $ 3.90 $ 0.40

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Contact Information

Caroline De Simone, Food Service Director
Sherri Doherty, Food Service Director
Phone: 973-509-4100 extension 4256

Updated: 1/3/2018