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Food Service Information for School Year 2016-2017 

The Montclair Public Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program which is funded with Federal grant monies.  We provide the five components of a complete lunch as required by the USDA.  These components are meat/protein alternative, bread/grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.  To obtain a full, reduced or free lunch at the listed price, the lunch must include at least three of the five components.  One of the three components taken must be a ½ cup of fruit and/or vegetable to be considered a full lunch.  If a complete lunch is not purchased, each item is purchased separately or a la carte. 

Free/Reduced Lunch Status:  A free/reduced lunch application must be completed each year in order for a student to continue receiving free/reduced meals.  Each year’s application is valid only through the beginning of the next school year. If a new application is not completed the student’s status will be changed to full price for meals during the month of October. Applications are available electronically on this website in English or Spanish or at the District’s Business Office located at 22 Valley Road.

Meal Prices for 2016-2017

School Type

Full Price
Reduced Price
Full Price
Reduced Price
Elementary School $ 2.10 $ 0.30 $ 3.40 $ 0.40
Middle School $ 2.35 $ 0.30 $ 3.65 $ 0.40
High School $ 2.60 $ 0.30 $ 3.90 $ 0.40

Food Service Charge Accounts:

    1. Any parent who does not want a food service charge account for their student must request that in writing using the waiver form (also available from the district office) which must be completed and returned to:
            Montclair Public School Food Service
            22 Valley Road
            Montclair, NJ 07042

    2. The student’s food service account can be customized to include spending limits, allergies, medical and/or dietary needs.  All food service accounts can be set to purchase breakfast and/or lunch only or no a la carte (items sold separately).  Please request these changes in writing using the attached form which must be completed and returned to the address listed in #1. Contact the food service office to get more information on this. (Phone: 973-509-4100 extension 4256 or email:

    3. Any student who does not have a lunch can charge up to 15 days of lunch before they will be denied a meal. Breakfast and a la carte items cannot be charged. The maximum amount that will be allowed to be charged for the 15 days are as follows:
           Elementary School: $51.00
           Middle School: $54.75
           High School:  $58.50

  1. When a student’s charge account balance is low ($2.00 or less) or negative the following will occur:

    • A letter will be sent home with the student on the day that the low/negative balance occurs;

    • If the student’s account is negative: (a) A letter will be mailed to the student’s home address which will include the negative balance at the end of the month and an explanation that the student has repeatedly charged meals and that if the parent/guardian fails to pay for the charged meals, their student may no longer be permitted to charge; and (b) The Principal will receive a list of students with negative balances to follow up with the parents each month.

    • After the maximum 15 days of allowed charges with a negative balance, the student’s lunch selections will be limited.

  1. All balances, whether negative or positive, are carried forward from one school year to the next.  Any money owed to the Montclair Public Schools will follow the student and then become part of the student’s senior fines at year end.

  2. The Board of Education policy on school lunches is available on the district website or by request via the food service office.

Payments for Food Service

  1. Parent can place money on a student’s account through the MySchoolBucks website ( Accounts are easily set up with the following information:
          a. Student ID
          b. Zip Code
          c. Email Address

  2. Payment can be mailed or brought to the food service Office at the High School (100 Chestnut Street, Montclair).

  3. Students can bring payment directly to the food service cashier at their individual schools.  The student can put funds on their account or just pay for their daily meal.

In order to improve the accountability of the district’s food service revenue these payments can no longer be given to teachers or any other third party. The funds must go directly to a food service employee or paid directly online through the MySchoolBucks website. The only exception to this is the schools that have students eating breakfast/lunch in the classroom. That procedure will remain the same.

Advantages of Using the MySchoolBucks Website (

  1. The ability to set up recurring payments for your student’s meals.
  2. Automatic deposits when your student’s account balance runs low.
  3. Low balance email notifications.
  4. The ability to view your student’s purchase history online.

MySchoolBucks FAQs are available on the district website.

Updated: 11/19/2016