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Registration for School Year 2017-2018

Board of Education Offices
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Registrar Grades K-8
Janice Risimini
Assistant Registrar Grades K-8
Nicole Frasier 
Registrar Grades 9-12
Jasmine Malloy
March 1 On-line registration opens for 2017-18 new students
April   1 School Placement Request Forms available in Parent Access for students who are currently attending Montclair Public Schools.
May 1 Deadline for submission of School Placement Request Forms in Parent Access
June 1  Registration deadline for June 22 placement notification for new students
June 22 Notification to parents regarding Grades K-8 school placements
Placements will be available through Parent Access.

 Letter from the Superintendent concerning the security of documents required for the registration process

Online Registration Instructions 

Detailed instructions for filling out the electronic documents can be found below. Please read them carefully before starting the online registration process. It is important you include all family contact information, at least two emergency contacts other than a parent, and your child’s doctor, dentist, and hospital if you have one.

Access the instructions for online registration.

Online Registration

Do not use this portal if your child already attends Montclair Public schools or for 9th Grade re-registration.

If you do not have access to a computer at home you may use a computer at the Montclair Public Library. Your application will be date- and time-stamped, and you can also have a confirmation of your registration emailed to you. There is no need to call the Registrar’s Office after registering online; the information goes directly to the staff. Once received, they will contact you to set up an appointment. If you do not have access to a computer, please call the Registrar at 973-509-4017.

NOTE: If you do not have your proofs of residency or immunization records, you will NOT be allowed to register.

Access the online registration portal.

Proof of Age

An original birth certificate with a raised seal or passport must be presented at the time of registration in order to register your child.

A child registering for the Kindergarten program must be at least five years old by October 1.

Medical Records

Current immunization and physical examination records are required when registering your child for school.

See the required documents.

Residential Requirements

Proof of Residence: All persons coming to register children must bring four proofs of residency. Verification of a child's residency requires the presentation of:

  1. One of the following documents with a Montclair address (Group A):
    • Homeowner — Montclair property tax bill.
    • Tenant — Current lease; if residing as a tenant without a lease, a signed, notarized Sworn Statement of Tenancy (Affidavit) completed by the landlord.
    • Child is Domiciled with Montclair Resident Other than Parent — Affidavit Form A executed by Montclair resident and Affidavit Form B executed by parent or guardian.
    • Child and Parent Living with Montclair Resident — Signed, notarized Sworn Statement of Residency (Affidavit) completed by the Montclair resident and parent or guardian.
    • Child Placed in Montclair by Court — Court order placing child in home of Montclair resident.
    • Child Placed in Montclair by Child Welfare Agency — Document of child welfare agency ordering that child be placed in home of Montclair resident.

  2. In addition, any three of the following documents containing a Montclair address (Group B)*:
    • Driver's license plus registration, plus auto insurance card;
    • Current utility bill;
    • Current cable television bill;
    • Current credit card bill;
    • Written statement from realtor stating parent/guardian has signed a contract to purchase or rent in Montclair;
    • Mortgage statement;
    • Official mail (bank statement, government correspondence: Internal Revenue, Division of Taxation, Social Security Administration);
    • Public assistance documents A.F.D.C. (Aid For Dependent Children) and W.I.C. (Women, Infants and Children);
    • Income tax return;
    • Voter registration card/records;
    • Unemployment benefit verification;
    • Recent paycheck/stub;
    • Documents to support Affidavit Forms A and B. Affidavits A and B are not available online but can be picked up at the Board Office.

*McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 2001. If you lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence, please notify the Registrar.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from schools outside Montclair must provide a copy of their most recent report card and most recent standardized test results. If your child receives special educational services, please bring a copy of the most recent documents (e.g. IEP (Individual Education Plan), 504 Plan, ELL/ESL).

Registration Checklist

 See a checklist of required documents for registration.   

Updated: 10/31/2017