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Welcome 2016-2017

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers: 

Welcome to a new school year! In the last 18 months, I’ve come to know our families and am grateful for your unwavering commitment to the education of our students. By continuing to work together and keeping students a priority, I am confident we will have another strong, successful year. To that end, your concerns are important to me and I have heard discussion about homework throughout the district and community. I am hopeful that you will take just a few moments to complete a brief homework survey by September 10. Please complete a separate survey for each child. Your comments will assist us with our work on homework policy.

With students in the forefront, this year we begin with many new initiatives in place that are designed to continue our work closing the achievement (learning) gap. Here is an example of some of the programs that are taking place:

  • Undoing Racism workshops continue with nearly 250 staff trained so far and more scheduled workshops for October, November, and December. This diversity training is designed to enhance the delivery of instruction for all students and build a team of culturally sensitive educators.

  • Our tutorial programs with community partners and clergy that took place in the last quarter and during the summer will continue throughout the year and provide support for our most needy students.

  • District data was analyzed and along with staff/parent input, we developed a consistent K-5 literacy program. Our literacy presentation can be found on our website, here. This year the district begins its second year of a consistent K-5 math program.

  • We are engaging Montclair State University to assist us with tutorial and staff development programs.

  • Algebra placement and course offerings were redesigned for middle and high school and beginning this year, all students will have the opportunity to progress in math reaching higher levels. More details on math and algebracan be found on this website.

  • To more efficiently benefit our most needy students, we have removed all staff salary allocations from Title I funds and have dedicated these funds to programming.

  • With the 3D Printing Initiative, we have successfully instituted STEM teaching and learning in all buildings, K-12.

Additionally, several administrative appointments were made for this school year.

  • Dr. Kendra Johnson was hired as Assistant Superintendent for Equity. This is a new position that was a direct recommendation from the Achievement Gap report.

  • Mr. Edward Wilson was hired as the Principal of Renaissance Middle School. Before he joins us in mid-September, Mr. Bruce Dabney will be the Interim Principal.

  • Ms. LaMonica McIver will assume the position of Director of Personnel.

  • Mr. Marcos Vargas was hired as the Director of Secondary Education, ELA, SS, ESL, and WL.

  • Ms. Jenn Bloch who led Math K-12 is returning this year as Director of Special Programs K-12 including Science.

  • Mr. Benjamin Selby is the new Transportation Supervisor.

  • Mr. Dustin Bayer is the new Director of Guidance at Montclair High School.

  • Ms. Jessica LaSusa joins the district as a World Language Consultant. She will study and review our current world language programs and make recommendations on how to strengthen them throughout the district. This will also include a report on immersion.

  • Mr. Theodore Kozlik replaces Linda Mithaug as the Interim Director of Special Services.

  • Mr. Nicholas Del’Re was hired as Interim Supervisor for Special Education at MHS.

In my September newsletter I will include introductions for new members of the Montclair educational team. These appointments will ensure a smooth opening in September, and we look forward to having a full team ready and able to work with staff to provide exemplary instruction to all students.

My newsletter is scheduled for the end of September and will include information about navigating our schools, new personnel as mentioned above and more detailed information on our initiatives. I look forward to this new school year as we remain focused on our students.

Ron Bolandi
Interim Superintendent

Friendly reminder.
Please complete the homework survey by Sept. 10 

Updated: 11/22/2016