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BOE Goal Setting Presentation

See Powerpoint presentation. Text version of slides follows. See also video of presentation.

Slide 1: Introduction

Montclair Public Schools District and the Montclair Board of Education

  • 2016-2017 Goal Review
  • 2017-2018 Goal Setting

Presented by Interim Superintendent Barbara Pinsak,  July 10, 2017

Slide 2:  Agenda

  • Warm-up Activity, 10 minutes
  • Review Mission Statement, Vision and Core Beliefs, 20 minutes
  • Review Board Goals for 2016-2017, with discussion, 20 minutes
  • Activity:  What we……., 35 minutes
  • Break, 10 minutes
  • Report of Achievement of District Goals, 25 minutes
  • Development of Board Goals for 2017-2018, 60 minutes
  • Ideas for District Goals 2017-2018, 30 minute

Slide 3:  Mission Statement and Vision


The Montclair Public School District is dedicated to creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement that provides every child with a high quality, rich and rigorous education, through a magnet system of Integrated schools in which every school represents a strong, diverse and vibrant community of learners.


The Montclair Public Schools will cultivate and support our students to become high academic achievers, curious and creative thinkers, and socially adept young people who are prepared for college and careers of the 21st century.

Slide 4:  Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • Challenging all students by providing academic rigor is essential to student success.

  • All children, regardless of circumstances, can achieve at high levels.

  • Effective principals and teachers are key to improving growth in student achievement. In addition, the Board of Education and Central Services must promote an environment of continuous improvement and innovation that results in a high performing district that is 100% focused on student achievement and success.

  • Supportive and engaged parents, guardians and members of our diverse community must be welcomed as active participants in the education of our students.

Slide 5:  2016-2017 Board of Education Goals

  • Goal 1: The Montclair Board of Education shall be an effective and efficient policy-making body that supports and aligns with district goals and provides effective oversight.

  • Goal 2: The Montclair Board of Education shall be responsible for setting policies that prioritize and support growth for all students.

  • Goal 3: The Montclair Board of Education shall be aware of and responsive to the community’s varied values and priorities and shall engage in respectful and timely interactions with the entire community.

  • Goal 4: The Montclair Board of Education shall assure the sound disposition of district resources in a manner to benefit all children, while being sensitive to the needs of taxpayers and incorporating both short- and long-term goals.

  • Goal 5: The Montclair Board of Education shall support and promote equity in the core programs and resources available at each grade level across all schools.

Slide 6:  Reflection on Board Goals

  • Board training
  • Board attendance at workshops
  • Board involvement on community committees and outreach
  • Board compliance with New Jersey School Board Standards
  • Policy committee ongoing in review, revision and development of policies
  • Effective budgeting to maintain programs and staff
  • Establishment of collective Board email for timely communications
  • Attendance at school and community functions
  • Promotion of district surveys to gain community insight

Slide 7:  Activity 2

  • What are some things that the MPS district does really well?
  • What are some things that you would never give up?
  • List some things that would be good to accomplish next year.
  • List some things that the district should accomplish in the next 3-5 years.
  • What is absolutely critical (non negotiable) that the board and district accomplish next year?
  • What did the district accomplish this year that makes you most proud?
  • What was disappointing to you about the 16-17 school year?

Slide 8: District Goal 1

The Montclair Public School District shall strive to reduce the achievement gap and shall incorporate issues of equity and the achievement gap into all of the following district goals.

  • Began Undoing Racism training in 2015 – To date a total of 570 staff members trained
  • Folow-up sessions and formation of TURN (Teachers Undoing Racism Now)
  • 2017-18 Continue training with paraprofessionals, CST, and office and security staff with ongoing follow-up
  • Worked with clergy groups to develop tutorial programs in our most needed areas
  • Worked with community partners on coordinating/developing programs for at-risk students
  • Developed K-5 universal literacy and math program with staff/parent input
  • Implemented STEM curriculum in every school regardless of magnet philosophy

Slide 9:  District Goal 2

The Montclair Public School District shall prepare to implement the Renaissance Learning (RL) program in grades PK-12 by September 2017.

  • This assessment tool will be implemented in all schools grades 1-8 for Math and ELA beginning September 2017
  • Ongoing PD for staff to ensure that this tool is used to inform instruction
  • Principals will set the use of RL as a School Goal and monitor its effectiveness with regard to improving teacher practice and student achievement

Slide 10:  District Goal 3

The Montclair Public School District shall develop a school restructuring plan that reduces class size in grades K-5 and restores a districtwide PK program available to all Montclair residents for implementation in September 2017.

  • We have kept class sizes stable
  • Ongoing evaluation of PK

Slide 11:   District Goal 4

The Montclair Public School District shall develop a comprehensive language program for implementation in grades PK-12 in September 2017.

Slide 12: District Goal 5

The Montclair Public School District shall evaluate all Pupil Services practices and programs and develop a plan of reform and restructure Pupil Services for implementation in September 2017, with priority on Special Education.

  • Recommending a permanent hire for Director of Special Services this evening
  • Prioritized the scheduling of special education students – they get scheduled first
  • Ongoing PD for Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Restructuring review and process review after new Director is in place
  • Process review to include navigating the system so that all parents feel welcome

Slide 13:  Board work and process

  • New Goals: Concise, Specific, Easily Understood
  • Objectives: Define how we will get there
  • Measurable: How will we show success or impact over time. What’s our target?
  • Meaningful: So what? Who cares? Is this meaningful?

Slide 14: Suggested district topics for 2017-18 Goals

  • Special Education audit
  • School Climate
  • Welcoming atmosphere in ALL buildings for ALL visitors
  • SAC/Mental Health reorganization
  • Technology restructuring
  • SAIL/Gifted & Talented
  • PK expansion
  • Science/STEM/3D Printing initiative expansion
  • Central Office restructuring
  • Minority hiring
  • MHS Scheduling/AP Classes/Small Learning Communities – through an equity lens

Slide 15: 2017-18 Draft district goals


The Montclair Public Schools will strive to support students in acquiring the tools to be successful in school and in life, as measured by the achievement of the following indicators:

  • 1a: Completion of an assessment of district Special Education services, including, but not limited to, a detailed report of programs, demographics, pre-classification intervention procedures, out-of-district placements, and professional development by Jan., 2018. Recommendations to be made to the Board.

  • 1b: Development of benchmark assessments in the areas of Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry to be used by teachers to determine students’ strengths and needs and better inform instruction by Jan., 2018.

  • 1c: Review of guidance services for students and families at Montclair High School, including a baseline survey of satisfaction/concerns and a plan for improvement by Feb., 2018.

  • 1d: Development of a plan to increase student participation and diversity in and completion of AP courses at Montclair High School including 100% of students enrolled taking the AP exams.

Slide 16: 2017-18 Draft District Goals

Draft Goal 2

The Montclair Public Schools will provide professional opportunities for teachers and administrators in order to support student achievement and equity, as measured by the achievement of the following indicators:


  • 2a: Monitor, review and assess the implementation of the Renaissance Learning program and its PD in grades 1 through 8 to determine how its use changed, improved, enhanced and informed instruction to raise achievement for all learners, by June

  • 2b: Implementation of the revised science curriculum for grades 1-5 with professional development provided to teachers in those grade levels.

  • 2c: Continuation of Undoing Racism training and follow-up sessions (Montclair High School, new staff members, support staff).

Slide 17:  Other thoughts regarding 2017-18

  • SAIL program
  • Social Studies curriculum re infusion of Amistad
  • More cohesive and communicative department of instruction
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 2 interventions….what do we do, how do we do it, what is our success?
  • Compile information on all magnets
  • School Advisory Teams fully functional

Slide 18: Why do we set Goals?

Because everything matters…From PK to Graduation Day!


Updated: 9/29/2017