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Letter from Board of Education on the Superintendent Search

see PDF of letter from Board of Education reproduced on this page
see tentative 2017-2018 timeline for Superintendent search

August 22, 2017

Dear Staff Members, Parents, Community Members and Students:

We welcome our new Interim Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Pinsak, as we begin the 2017-18 Academic Year and continue our search for our new Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Pinsak, formerly Superintendent of the Teaneck Public Schools, is a veteran administrator, highly qualified to steer us through the year as we seek to find a permanent Superintendent to lead us in the future.

The work we completed last year will prove beneficial in this process.  We sought and received extensive feedback from our constituents regarding the characteristics they believe are critical in choosing this leader.  We interviewed several candidates who were recommended by our consultants.  Not having yet found the one we believe is best suited to serve our district, the Board of Education and the consulting firm of ECRA/HYA reached an agreement on how to move forward.  New consultants from the firm have joined us and future steps include:

  • Re-advertising the position
  • Active recruiting by the consultants
  • Screening by the consultants
  • Interviewing by the Board of Education
  • Introduction of select finalist(s) to our constituents
  • Background and additional reference checking
  • Selection and appointment of finalist

We anticipate a July 1, 2018 start date for the next Superintendent of Schools.  Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed as we move through this process.  Feel free to nominate and/or comment via a dedicated email provided by our consultants:

Montclair Board of Education

Updated: 8/22/2017