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Participation Invitation

Letter from the Board

September 2016    

Dear Parents and Caregivers:  

As the school year begins, the Board of Education welcomes back all students and sends its well wishes for a successful year. The Board is in the process of undertaking a search for a new Superintendent. Interim Superintendent Ronald Bolandi is a retired Superintendent, and the law does not permit him to continue in Montclair beyond the end of March 2017.    

In connection with the search process, the Board is reviewing the current job description for Superintendent. The Board welcomes your input in making recommendations to the job description. Those recommendations will help inform any changes the Board decides to make. We ask for your thoughts both for items that may not be included in the current job description and/or those which should remain in the current job description. Kindly provide any suggestions you may have by September 16, 2016. You may send your recommendations via email to any Board member at the email addresses listed below, or in letter form to the Board, 22 Valley Road, Montclair, New Jersey 07042.  

A copy of the current job description is available on this website.  

Thank you.  

Very truly yours,  
The Montclair Board of Education  

Jessica de Koninck
Anne Mernin
Laura Hertzog
Eve Robinson
Jevon Caldwell-Gross
Joseph Kavesh
Franklin Turner   

Updated: 11/25/2016