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Internet Services Usage Policy Grades K-3


The Internet is a special tool that can help one learn, communicate, and solve problems. Before I can use the Internet at my school, there are some promises I need to make to my teacher, my classmates, my parents and myself. These promises are made to keep me safe and to make my time on the Internet fun, interesting, and educational.


  • Follow all instruction my teacher gives and stay only in the areas suggested.
  • How I “talk” to and treat people I meet on the Internet. Be respectful. I am representing my school.
  • And responsible in using the computers. They are valuable and we must take good care of them.

STOP when:

  • I see something NOT meant for kids. When this happens I will tell an adult.
  • I’m lost or not sure where I am.
  • Asked for my name, address or phone number.

GO ahead:

  • And use the Internet as a learning tool to discover my world.
  • Remembering there always is a purpose for my Internet use.
  • And share my Internet activities with my family.

Updated: 11/22/2016