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Web Creation Guidelines for Staff and Students

The following guidelines are to be used when posting staff or student names, pictures, and work on the Internet. Most importantly, it is necessary for parents/guardians to sign the Media Consent form that needs to be signed by every family at the beginning of every school year.  

It is the responsibility of staff in each school to maintain a list of parental permissions and/or restrictions as they relate to posting a child's photo/image and personally identifiable information for each student.

  1. Students' pictures may be posted in group photos (3 or more students) only.

  2. Their respective names or other information that could allow students to be found by outside parties should not accompany students' pictures.

  3. Students' names are permissible in a list format (i.e. honor roll, etc.).

  4. Student work can be accompanied by the student's initials or pen name.

  5. Only links to sites with an educational purpose are allowable.

  6. Permission is to be obtained from a staff member before posting a photo or personally identifiable information.

Staff may create web pages to be stored on district servers. Posting of school-related web pages on commercial sites is prohibited. Any site that involves Montclair schools and/or their staff or students must follow all the above guidelines in addition to the following:

  1. Any advertising on the linked pages should be minimal preferably educationally related and not tied to any product or business that benefits a school employee.

  2. Additional links must lead to appropriate educational sites only.

  3. Links to personal student pages posted outside of school pages are not permitted.

  4. The logo of the Montclair District or any individual school is not permitted on private pages.

  5. A disclaimer on a private web page stating that it is not an official site of the Montclair School District must be included on outside pages.

Updated: 1/5/2018