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Instructions for Subscription Busing and Registration

School Year 2017-2018

Past participation does not guarantee a seat and you must apply for busing each year

All subscription busing requests can be completed by printing the Subscription Busing Application or picking it up at the Transportation Department or your school office and submitting it to the Transportation Department. Payment is required for the full year. No partial payments will be accepted. For complete information to apply see below in “How to Register for Subscription Busing.”

Once registered, families will receive email notification of their bus number and stop location assignment. Payment is due within three days of notification. Students will be assigned to existing bus stops and routes based on availability closest to their home. No changes or requests for additional routes or stops will be added.

Registration applications must be received by August 11. Late applications will be accepted until August 18 on a seat-available basis. Any applications received after August 11 will not receive transportation before September 18. No applications will be accepted after August 18.

All families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch in 2017-2018 will be eligible for subscription busing at no cost with proper documentation/verification. Please verify your eligibility before registering for subscription busing services. Contact the Business Office at 973-509-4059 for verification.

How to Apply for Subscription Busing

  1. Print the application, complete it, and send in as follows:
    • Mail to the Montclair Board of Education, Transportation Department, 22 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ 07042
    • Fax to 973-509-4065
    • Email to, or
    • Bring application in person to the Transportation Department.
  1. Payment: Due within three days of receiving bus assignment. Money Order made payable to the Montclair Board of Education or by credit card, at An additional transaction fee is added to credit card payments. No personal checks accepted and payment is non-refundable.

Fee Schedule: For each family, $400 for one student, $225 for second student, $100 for third student. All students after three are free. The maximum charge to a family for the school year is $725.

No partial-year/partial payments will be accepted.

  1. For assistance with this process, you may call the Transportation Department at 973-509-4055 between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday. You may also email your questions to

Updated: 12/7/2017