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About Us

Health and Wellness: About Us

Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned parents and faculty, today, the Montclair Health and Wellness Partnership is a grassroots consortium of over 200 parents, educators, and community organizations.

Our mission is to promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of students, staff and families of the Montclair Public Schools through increased access to quality services, education and information.

We firmly believe that health is integral to academic and life success. If children are suffering mental, social, or physical stresses, they will struggle to succeed in the classroom and in their lives as adults. By improving our students’ health, we directly help the district achieve its goals of academic success for all children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. We

  • Respond to the health needs of parents, school staff, and children who need information, help, or simply a place to turn.
  • Link local health and community groups to our schools—whether the YMCA or a professional counseling center—so we can complement, enrich, and strengthen existing programs.
  • Bring expertise to all Montclair Public Schools.
  • Fund and facilitate new high-quality health-related programs and initiatives –from nutrition and exercise to bullying prevention and support groups.


Since our inception, the Health and Wellness Partnership has brought more than $1.5 million of funds and in-kind services to Montclair Public Schools.

Our on-going funding comes from the school district itself and a grant from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services to the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network. We also have received funds from the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, and numerous grants from our partners, including Mountainside Hospital Community Benefits Committee, Mountainside Health Foundation, Montclair Community Intervention Alliance, Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence, United Way of North Essex, Junior League of Montclair, and Rutgers University Developing Safe & Civil Schools.

We also receive “in-kind” funding from community service organizations that donate professional expertise to our programs, such as the Mental Health Association of Essex County, Montclair Counseling Center, Montclair State University, and Mountainside Hospital.

In addition, private citizens generously contribute to the Partnership.

Click below to view details of the funding acquired by the Partnership since 2001 and to see how the Partnership supports the district in meeting state mandates.

Funding Acquired 2001 -2010 

Support of State Mandates 

Updated: 11/19/2016