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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Phone: 973-509-4028

Navigating the System

Today, it is essential that parents are intimately involved in their children’s education – especially when it comes to academic success. The strategies used in the classroom are not what you, as a parent, may be used to. This department, under the leadership of Sylvia Bryant, is your resource.

We coordinate seminars, workshops, parent conferences, and support groups to provide you with the framework your child needs to succeed. We help put you in touch with the right resources. And, working in consultation with building administrators and staff, we can always be reached independently for parent concerns.

We are immensely grateful for the invaluable assistance to all our programs offered by our community partners. We couldn’t do it without you!
—Junior League
—Houses of worship
—Fraternal organizations

Parent involvement is also crucial to the smooth operation of your child’s school. We focus in many leadership sessions on training Montclair parents to navigate the system, and we help them to participate in the array of opportunities to work in, and for, the schools. These opportunities, among others, include: effective PTA membership; participating in the School Action Team; volunteering in the school and its after-school programs; and working on health and wellness issues.

If you have any questions regarding the parent education programs, or would like to recommend workshop topics, please call or email Mrs. Sylvia B. Bryant, the District Parent and Volunteer Coordinator. (See top of page for contact information.)

Updated: 1/28/2017