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Montclair Public Schools
Hillside School
Principal: Dr. Samanthaa Lennon Anglin
Acting Assistant Principal: Mr. Thomas Adamo
54 Orange Road, Montclair, NJ 07042
Montclair Public Schools
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Dear Parents/Caregivers:

Election Day – November 7th:

  • Hillside is a voting poll location, we have taken all precautions necessary to ensure safety for all staff and students.
  • Please note the slight adjustment to the dismissal procedures for WALKERS: All WALKERS will be dismissed to exit the building through DOOR K. We will have staff members positioned on the ground floor to redirect any child who ends up down there, however, all staff members should be directing the WALKERS to Stairwell 5 and out Door K for dismissal.
  • Krenn and I will direct all WALKERS out Door K to the front lawn/flag pole area.
  • Please BE ON TIME to pick your children up.

SATpMeeting – November 7th:

Our SATp has been rescheduled from November 7th to November 14th. The PTA will present their agenda at 7pm and then SATp will communicate sub-committee information.

A Message from the District:

There’s an all call for those of you who would like to join a Community Think Tank; Please see the attachment for details.

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Updated: 11/3/2017