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Child Study Team

Each of the members of the MHS Child Study Team has a formal function as Case Manager for a roster of students who have been evaluated and found to qualify for services under one of the 13 state approved disabling conditions. Case managers work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators to develop and implement an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for each student that is tailored to their individual needs.

Along with developing the IEP, case managers also work with students, their parents, and their teachers, to develop class schedules that ensure that they move through the core curriculum content requirements and to successful graduation from MHS. The IEP for some students may indicate: part-time monitoring with no direct instructional support; either full or part-time in-class support; smaller resource room class support for specific subjects; and for some students, the IEP may indicate a majority of instruction be provided in a self-contained class environment. For others this plan may indicate an extensive work-study component. For a select group of students, their IEPs may recommend temporary home instruction, or placement in an out-of-district school. In addition, case managers ensure that all students with IEPs receive transitional planning to prepare them for the next steps following high school graduation.

In addition to their state mandated responsibilities, all case managers provide on-going support to students and teachers, with heightened availability during times of crisis. They are also responsible for conducting an annual review for each classified student as well as a more extensive mandated triennial (every three years) review to determine if the student’s classification and services are appropriate. This review may include appropriate testing by specific Child Study Team members.

Beyond their formal responsibilities, many of the MHS Child Study Team members have taken on additional roles within the Montclair community, including leadership of after-school clubs and participation in social and academic initiatives.


Child Study Team Staff:

Updated: 9/26/2017