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Comprehensive Health & Physical Education

We believe that physical education is the most critical element of your schooling.  Our primary objective is to facilitate lifelong health and wellness.  We seek to expose you to a wide variety of movement activities and strategies to help you become proactive movers and thinkers.  Your will receive a well-rounded physical education experience intended to develop optimal wellness.  You will be engaged physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively through an assortment of activities.

Through a well-planned and varied program, the goal is for you to achieve the knowledge and skills required in a comprehensive health and physical education program.  Our program will provide you with a regimen of physical exercise and activity, assist you in the development of physical skills and achievements, encourage you in collaboration and cooperation, and instill a lifelong appreciation for physical education.

Activities you will experience may include:

  • Team sports
  • Aerobic and anaerobic movement
  • Rhythm movement
  • Individual and dual sports
  • Fitness and conditioning
  • Exercise prescription

The historical, kinesiological, anatomical, and physiological perspectives of physical education are stressed throughout the instruction of all activities.

Evaluation Procedures

You are evaluated in several areas to provide a measure for achievement:

  • Preparation
  • Class Participation
  • Effort
  • Knowledge
  • Mastery
  • Skill Mastery

This process allows you an equal opportunity for a fair grade regardless of your physical attributes.  Marking period grades are determined as follows:

  • 25% Participation
  • 25% Preparedness
  • 25% Knowledge/Skills Test
  • 25% Punctuality

Course Offerings:

Course Syllabi



Updated: 6/15/2018