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The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses to help prepare you for a future in a technological society.  AP Computer Science is a more recent addition and this offers instruction in computer science concepts, theory, and application.  

The Honors program provides a fast-paced academic atmosphere that encourages you to take the calculus, statistics, or computer science Advanced Placement examinations.  High Honors courses are intended for students with strong prior mathematical experiences.  There is minimal review and pacing is brisk.

Academic classes offer college-preparatory math in a cooperative learning atmosphere in preparation for PSAT and SAT exams.  Supplemental math classes provide special instruction where needed, in addition to regular class instruction.  Honors classes include some review within the context of new material.

You are encouraged to take a math course every year to fulfill the graduation requirement and to be prepared to further your education after high school.

Math League

Course Syllabi


  • Ms. Eileen Gilbert, Assistant Principal, Team IV (Annex)   973-509-4100 ext 2615

Updated: 3/6/2018