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Special Education

The Special Education Department offers a variety of options to the classified student which includes Resource Center-Replacement, In-Class Resource, and Self-Contained classes by disability group.  A student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) developed collaboratively with the student, parent, general education teacher, special education teacher, and Child Study Team determines program placements.

Students must meet all graduation requirements as outlined in the IEP and the State of New Jersey, as well as meet credit requirements mandated by the school district.  Thus, the Special Education Department offers those courses required for graduation.  Please refer to core content areas of the planning guide for course descriptions of resource center replacement classes.

The In-Class Resource Program supports the inclusion of classified students with learning disabilities in general education mainstream classes by promoting collaborative teaching models, which allow for supplemental skill development, additional instruction and/or generalization opportunities for students who experience academic “gaps” or specific learning difficulties, cooperative learning group activities, and performance-based assessment.

Classified students are included in general education classes, to the greatest extent appropriate in meeting individual academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs in order to maximize learning.  The following courses are offered exclusively to classified students through the Special Education department and by recommendation of the Child Study Team only.

Course Offerings:

Course Syllabi


Updated: 9/5/2018