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Career Internship

The Career Internship Program (CIP) lets you explore areas of interest at a career-focused placement in a business, community-based location, or educational setting — in lieu of MHS classes, during the last 4 weeks of your Senior year. The program dates are May 15 to June 9. 

A career internships gives you a diversified learning experience that bridges the gap between school and employment/higher educational/training.

You apply for CIP by planning and proposing an experience that lets you participate in activities that are unpaid, structured, supervised.  It is your responsibility to find a reliable, appropriate internship that is career focused and related to your post-secondary education or training goals.  Your internship should encompass 20 hours per week.

You must be in good academic, attendance, and disciplinary standing.

The following documents will help you navigate the Career Internship Program.

2017 Senior Seminar Dates

  • Wednesday, May 24th (LGI)
  • Wednesday, May 31th (LGI)
  • Friday, June 9th (Auditorium)

2017 Booklets will be published in the Spring

  • 2017 Final CIP Booklet
  • 2017 Mentor Packets
  • 2017 Pre-Approval Checklist
  • 2017 CIP Database - Updated Frequently


Updated: 5/3/2017