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Medical Biology

This two-year program is designed for the serious student who intends to pursue a career in medical science or related health care fields.  There are several components to this rigorous program including human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, dynamics of health care, emergency care, and workplace safety certification.  Students are expected to attend related medical lectures and workshops. 

Community service, which is related to health care, is also a requirement of this program. The structure and function of the organ systems of the human body is presented in anatomy and physiology.  Medical terminology includes the related vocabulary as well as terms related to diseases, clinical laboratory tests, and pharmacology.  Dynamics of Health Care focuses on general issues and topics common to health care providers.  Finally both emergency care and workplace safety issues are included in this program.

To be successful, students must perform on written and oral tests, complete laboratory experiments, and complete research papers.  Many Internet assignments are part of the curriculum.  It is strongly recommended that students have previously completed Biology and Chemistry courses.  At the end of each year, students participate in standardized tests administered by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  UMDNJ requires that students taking the standardized exam must have taken or are concurrently taking chemistry.  Students can receive college credits based on their scores on these tests.


Updated: 2/7/2017