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Academic Clubs

Each club and activity lists the name of the advisor(s), and, below the list, a brief description of the activity and meeting times when available. Students and/or staff interested in any of these activities should contact the advisor. All advisors work within the High School and can be emailed by typing their first Initial, last name (example:

  • Amphitheatre yearbook  J. Petrigliano
  • Architecture Club  P. Shakespear
  • Bridge Scholars  J. Hobbs, J. Freeman
  • Chemistry Olympics  A. Panchekha
  • Chess Club  S. Feinstein
  • Debate Club  L. Panayev
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)  K. Schnitzer
  • Euro Challenge  J. Weber, T. Clifford
  • Fed Challenge  J. Weber, T. Clifford
  • Forensic Science  D. DeMayo
  • Language Clubs: French/German/Italian/Latin/Spanish  See Description
  • Math Honor Society (MuAlpha)  C. Dohm
  • Math League  D. Rubin
  • MHS Writing Club  S. Rembert, G. Woodruff
  • Mock Trial  G. Burroughs
  • Model Congress  T. Manos, W. Wingren
  • Model United Nations  T. Manos, W. Wingren
  • Montclair High School College Planning Club  O. Massarsky
  • National Honor Society  S. Zepeda & J. Buel
  • Ninth Grade Academy Mentors  J. Doshi
  • North American Computational Linguistic Olympiad (NACLO)  A. Panchekha
  • Phoenix Magazine  G. Woodruff
  • Physics Club  A. Orso
  • Robotics  M.Barouch, R.Haas, K. Samson
  • Science Olympiad (SO)  A. Orso


Advisor: Ms. J. Petrigliano
Meetings: Thurs, Room 601 at 2:40p.m.

The yearbook club is open to all students who wish to be on the staff.  The staff creates the Amphitheatre yearbook including layout designs, photography and journalism.  The yearbook is published annually and contains an historic record of school events and people.


Advisor: Ms. P. Shakespear
Meetings: Thursday, Room 9 at 2:40 p.m.

The Architecture Club is a student run organization that develops and organizes an afternoon lecture series on architecture and related professional disciplines. Speakers are drawn from Montclair architectural and engineering and development offices in addition to the Montclair Building Department and local contractors. Additionally, the club sponsors field trips to surrounding architectural and engineering colleges and noteworthy buildings. Membership is open to all students with an interest in architecture and design and construction.


Advisors: Ms. J. Hobbs, Mr. J. Freeman
Meetings: Every other Wednesday, 2:45 pm in LGI

Our purpose is to enhance student achievement, especially in minorities by guiding and promoting college education. Our goal is to prepare students to achieve optimum success in high school and develop a plan to enter college and/or other post secondary institutions. We will have annual college tours to various schools, including Historically Black Colleges and University’s; financial aid workshops, community service activities, tutoring, and fields trips.. We will forward a copy of each program to our Program Calendar.


Advisor: Ms. A. Panchekha
Meetings: Every two weeks or as needed on Tuesday, Room: TBA

The Chemistry Club will compete in the New Jersey section of the Chemistry Olympics in the spring. The goal of the club is to spend time in preparation of the event, which includes both tests and lab experiments.

*Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: Mr. S. Feinstein
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The MHS Chess Club welcomes all students, regardless of experience, who are interested in playing chess. We usually meet once a week. Students will have opportunities to learn about the game, play chess with peers, and participate in tournaments. This is the club for you whether you want to relax and play chess with your friends or you want to prepare for tournaments.


Advisors: Ms. L. Panayev
Meetings: Wednesday, 2:40 pm Room 320

The club is open to all students interested in public performance and enhancing communication skills. Competitions in the following categories are held on Saturdays: Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Interpretation (Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo), Cross-Examination Team Debate, Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Congressional Debate (Student Congress), and Public Forum Team Debate. Aside from NFL and NJFD competitions, our team will participate in the American Legion High School Oratory Competition (Sundays


Advisor: Mr. K. Schnitzer
Meetings: Thursday – 2:40 – 3:40 pm in Room 11

D.E.C.A. is a nationwide organization that aids in developing students’ careers in marketing and distribution. Students who join are enrolled in Advertising and Marketing/Distributive Education classes. The club allows students to compete against others in the state in areas such as fashion merchandising, accessories, restaurant/food, and other business-related contests


Advisors: Mr. J. Weber, Mr. T. Clifford Technical advisor: Mr. T. Manos
Meetings: Times vary during January-May, Room 311

Euro Challenge is an academic competition sponsored by The European Union’s Delegation of The European Commission to the United States, the European Central Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The Moody’s Foundation. More information on The Euro Challenge Program can be found at its website ( Euro Challenge is available to any freshman or sophomore student at the high school with any level of economic experience. Requirements include an appetite for competition and a willingness to spend a considerable amount of time learning about economics, monetary policy, and The European Union and its member states. Informational meetings are generally held during the second marking period. Tryout assignments are made for interested participants in January. Tryouts are usually held in late January and may continue into early February. This national competition presently takes place in New York in April, but the venue may change as this program is growing rapidly. Monetary prizes are presently awarded to the top five teams in the national competition by The Moody’s Foundation. Academic or service credit is available for team members. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisors: Mr. J. Weber, Mr. T. Clifford
Meetings: Times vary during January-May, Room 311

Fed Challenge is an academic competition that brings social science, mathematics and English skills together in a variety of ways. It is available to any student at the high school with any level of economic experience. Requirements include an appetite for competition and a willingness to spend a considerable amount of time learning about economics and monetary policy. Informational meetings are generally held during the second marking period. Tryout assignments are made for interested participants in January. Tryouts are usually held in late January and may continue into early February. The Fed Challenge Team participates in The Federal Reserve’s Fed Challenge Competition. A regional competition featuring over 100 teams from the tri-state area takes place at The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in March – April. More information on The Fed Challenge Program is available in the education section of the website of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Academic or service credit is available for team members. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: D. DeMayo
Meetings: See Advisor

Where interested students can learn about and study the subject of forensic science.


Advisor: German-Ms. E. Kalacheva
French-Ms. M. Guervil & Mrs. G. Cahayla
Spanish-Ms. E. Reyes
Italian-Mr. V. Mazzolla
Latin-Ms. K. Yurga-Graf and Ms. J. Manse

Each Club or Honor Society will focus various presentations/activities pertaining to their country including but not limited to trips, games, and community service projects. There may be various requirements for each society; for complete details please contact Advisors.

CIRCULO ESPANOL – (Spanish Club)

Advisor: Ms. M. Lavosky
Meetings: Third Wednesday of the month in Room 303

Spanish Club is an organization devoted to the enrichment of the Spanish curriculum. Our goal is to further the understanding of the language and customs of the Hispanic world while providing a social outlet for students who share these interests. Students who are currently taking a Spanish course or are interested in the Spanish culture and language can become members of the club. The club provides Hispanic cultural experiences by sponsoring trips, holiday celebrations, contests, games, fund raisers and community service.


Advisor:  Ms. F. Dohm
Meetings:  Contact Advisor

The club is meant for those who have a C or better in the math courses taken at the high honors level and a B or better in the honors level of math for the overall year of the math course.  As a member, you will be required to peer tutor other students in math.  Not only does it look great on college applications, but it is also very rewarding. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Adviso


Advisor: Mr. D. Rubin
Meetings: Monthly during lunch periods, Room TBA

The Math League brings statewide and national contests in mathematics to students on a monthly and annual basis respectively. Students participate voluntarily. Montclair High School has finished within the top 3 high schools in Essex County since 2005 and continues to seek the best and brightest. All are welcome to participate.


Advisor: Mr. G. Woodruff, Ms. S. Rembert
Meetings: Contact Advisor

MHS Writing Club is a forum for students to not just submit essays for peer review, but offers a place for students to explore and expand their writing. Tutors, made up of juniors and seniors who have been trained in giving peer-responses to writing, will be available for online editing of papers, conferencing, and teaching the secrets of the writing process. Students will be able to submit papers for review in order to discover the meaning of one’s thesis and ideas, or perfect the way in which those ideas are communicated. Juniors and Seniors who are interested in becoming a tutor can join the program after three training sessions held either after school or during lunch.


Advisor: Mr. G. Burroughs
Meetings: Monday – Friday, September – February/March in Room 317 (and some weekends)

Mock Trial is a statewide competition that uses real life trial procedures to re-create a trial. Students act as attorneys and witnesses in order to develop public speaking skills. Students will have to present opening and closing arguments as well as direct and cross examination questions for witnesses. Students also learn how to think on their feet and develop acting skills as well. Mock Trial is affiliated with the New Jersey State Bar Association.


Advisors: Mr. T. Manos & Mr. B. Wingren
Meetings: Tuesday after school in Room 310

The Montclair High School Model Congress Club is a means for students to increase awareness of and become an active participant in the United States government. We do this through government simulation where the students take on the role of a representative. They will learn how to write bills and resolutions, and will debate some of the nation’s most difficult issues. In addition to our weekly meeting debates, we will participate in a series of college-sponsored national conferences at universities such as Rutgers, Princeton, Harvard and Pennsylvania, where the students, on a weekend trip, will interact with high school students from around the country. We also host our own Middle School Model Congress, where students from local middle schools are invited to participate.


Advisors: Mr. T. Manos & Mr. B. Wingren
Meetings: Thursday after school in Room 310

MUNC is an award winning organization geared towards learning and competing. The group discusses international politics, UN policy and parliamentary procedure, as well as effective debating style. Through student research and the guidance of the advisor’s, students learn about these issues and develop skills. These are then utilized at national competitions such as the Nation Model UN Conference and Columbia, Yale, Seton Hall and Brown Universities. In addition, students plan, organize and run the Middle School Model UN (MidMUNC), held annually at MHS.


Advisor: Ms. O. Massansky
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Monday each month. Contact advisor for location

Montclair High College Planning Club is a group of students dedicated to studying the intricate college application process. The transition from high school to college is perhaps the biggest transition in every student’s life. Studying and preparing for all the twists and turns the application process can throw at you, will make every student’s senior year far easier. The group meets with guest speakers and college students to discuss what college life is like and how to get there. The club meets twice a month to discuss factors related to college selection. Issues such as financial aid and the college essay are always a favorite topic. As college is right around the corner, the Montclair High College Planning Club is ready to meet the challenge prepared and confident.


Advisor: Ms. S. Zepeda & Ms. J. Buel
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The National Honor Society recognizes and promotes scholarship, character, leadership and service. Membership is only open to juniors who have been enrolled in MHS for at least three marking periods and seniors who have been enrolled for at least one marking period. (Academic requirements are available from the advisor.) Activities include induction ceremony, community service, meetings and graduation. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisors: Ms. J. Doshi
Meetings and Room: Contact Advisor

Activities include: Day before school – Freshman Orientation; October – Days of Dialogue; ice cream parties, and bowling activities. Meetings will occur between freshman and seniors regularly. This club is for seniors who want to make a difference!


Advisor: Ms. A. Panchekha
Meetings: See Advisor

The NACLO Club is an annual national competition designed to challenge high school students through solving linguistics puzzles.


Advisor: Mr. G. Woodruff
Meetings: Room 209, Wednesdays

The Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine is an annual publication that showcases the artistic and literary talents of Montclair High School’s students. Students meet weekly to review submissions and learn about the process of running a magazine. By assembling a magazine that demonstrates the breadth of imagination and depth of talent of the student body, the club fosters a greater appreciation of the arts at the high school and in the world in general as well as the business of running a publication. The goals of the club are to disseminate student artistic products and to learn about the publishing process from eliciting submissions, through editing and formatting, to distribution.


Advisor: Mr. A. Orso
Meetings: As needed in Room 216 afterschool

The Physics Club objective is to allow members to engage in hands-on competitive projects that are heavily depended on the understanding of, and enthusiasm for physics.


Advisors: Mr. M. Barouch, Mr. R. Haas, Mr. J. Rodriguez
Meetings: As required to design and build; bi-weekly planning meetings in Room 17

The robotics team provides opportunities for students who are interested in the use of technology for creative purposes or have an interest in pursuing a career in technology or engineering.  Made up of students of varying abilities and interests, this team brings artists, scientists, programmers, and mechanical types together under the umbrella of the International FIRST Robotics Organization.  FIRST stands for “For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” We have two teams, a Junior Varsity FIRST Tech Challenge team (FTC) which competes in the fall and winter, and a Varsity FIRST Robotics Competition Team (FRC). Students must first compete a season on the JV team and be enrolled in a pre-engineering course before they can try out for a position on the Varsity FRC team 555. Team 555 will compete in pre-season (fall) event, a six-week build season (Jan-Feb), and competitions (March/April/May). Students must be able to work long hours after school and on weekends during the six week build and competition events. Try-Out’s for the Traveling Team will be required.


Advisor: Mr. A. Orso
Meetings: See Below, Room: 216

S.O. meets after school bi-weekly from September to March. Thereafter meetings will take place on a weekly basis. S.O. members participate annually at the NJ Science Olympiad competition held at Middlesex County College.


Updated: 9/26/2017