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Art, Music, Performance Clubs

Each club and activity lists the name of the advisor(s), and, below the list, a brief description of the activity and meeting times when available. Students and/or staff interested in any of these activities should contact the advisor. All advisors work within the High School and can be emailed by typing their first Initial, last name (example:

  • Anime Club  O. Massarsky
  • Art for a Cause  K. DeMeo
  • Art  A. Yanette
  • Art Without Borders  R. Novalis
  • Cartooning Club  O. Ambrose
  • Culinary  P. Wright
  • Dance Company of the School of Visual & Performing Arts D. Brown
  • Drama  S. Rembert
  • Film Club  S. Rembert
  • Interior Design Club  M. Lavosky
  • Investment Club  J. Weber
  • Lighting/Stage Crew  J. Wasko
  • Marching Band J. Wasko
  • Modern Music Appreciation S. Stein
  • National Art Honor Society  A. Yanette
  • Open Mic  B. Bland
  • Poetry Club  L. Cella
  • Salsa Club  M. Gonzales-Block
  • SPVA  K. Cleerdin, B. Pepper
  • Women of Comedy Club  B. Ford


Advisor: Ms. O. Massarsky
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Anime Club is where lovers of Japanese pop culture meet to discuss anime, music, video games, and Japanese street style. We will exchange knowledge of the pop culture and create relationships with those who have similar interests as well as creating new areas of interests.


Advisor: Ms. A. Yanette
Meetings: Wednesday 2:45 – 4:00 pm in Room 16

The Art Club is open to all students who have an interest in making and learning about art. Activities include: making art for portfolio development and pleasure; engaging in community service for MHS by making murals, working on the Sidewalk Chalk Competition, helping mount and curate shows for the MFEE/Laraja gallery and other related school art projects.


Advisor: Ms. K. DeMeo
Meetings: Thursdays, 2:40 pm

Our club will help spread the love of art as well as fund-raise for different charities.


Advisor: Ms. R. Novalis
Meetings: Wednesdays, once a month in Room 317

Art without Borders is composed of MHS students who believe in using art in all its forms to solve world issues. As a club, we annually compile themed art shows of local and student artwork to raise money for a specific charity. The themes the artwork carries correlates the charity chosen. The goal of Art Without Borders is to give back to the world community through the good powers of art and also promote art itself around the world and Montclair High School.


Advisor: Mr. O. Ambrose
Meetings: Monday, Room 502 at 2:40 p.m.

The Cartooning Club is a student run organization in which students work together to hone their skills at cartoon illustration, develop storyboards, and have an all together fun yet productive time.


Advisor: Ms. P. Wright
Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:40 pm in Room 12

Learn hands on how to prepare various dishes from the traditional to the exotic, and then taste the results! We will look at local foods and cuisines from other countries. Fabulous dishes for all to enjoy and then share the knowledge gained at home for future dining festivals. We also use our skills to cook for community service projects. Come if you love to cook and bake or would like to learn how!


Advisor: Ms. D. Brown
Meetings: Listed Below

The Dance Company of the School of Visual and Performing Arts at MHS is composed of 40-50 male and female students who are focused on their pursuit of dance as a life-long experience. The organization represents the best that MHS has to offer with members from a myriad of cultures, races and economic backgrounds working towards a common goal. Members of The Dance Company are chosen by audition in May of each year. Members typically make a commitment to their dance studies for the duration of their high school career. Upper classmen earn varsity letters in dance and all members qualify for induction into NU DELTA ALPHA, the National Dance Honor Society. Dance Company members attend an 8/9 period blocked class every year and rehearse after school in preparation for their annual concert and school assembly in March. The company works with professional choreographers from the NY/NJ area.*Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: S. Rembert
Meetings: TBA

The Drama Club, part of SVPA, gives students an opportunity to perform plays and work on acting techniques within the various genres of dramatic literature. All performances are student run and auditioning is open to all: students who have not previously been involved in the club can join by auditioning and being cast for a show or just by getting involved. This club is for anyone interested in drama, be it acting, directing, stage managing, etc. Additional meetings take place as determined by what is currently being worked on. To find out more about meetings time, contact Ms. A. McLaughlin.



Advisor: Ms. S. Howell-Rembert
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Film Club will help support students with the production of their own films.


Advisor: Ms. M. Lavorsky
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month, Room 303

The Interior Design Club will unite students with a common interest in interior design. We would like to create a more beautiful and functional environment within the school and in our community.


Advisor: Mr J. Weber
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Investment Club is a forum for students interested in learning about investing and gaining valuable real world experience from investing in securities both nationally and internationally.


Advisor: Mr. J. Wasko
Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month, Room: TBA

The Lighting/Stage Crew teaches its members about staging and lighting techniques in the setting of the MHS auditorium. The club members do the staging and lighting for all school and community activities that are held in the auditorium.


Advisor: Mr. J. Wasko



Advisors: Ms. S. Stein
Meetings: Contact Advisors

The Modern Music is used as a therapeutic resource for students.


Advisor: Ms. A. Yanette
Meetings: Meets Thursdays at 2:45 pm in Room 16

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is a national service organization designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12. The NAHS strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of the highest standards in art areas, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. The focus of MHS National Art Honor Society is community service through direct support to the arts. Our students have created displays and bulletin boards for teachers and administrators, participated in community mural projects, and provided direct coaching support to peers.

 Membership requirements: students must have taken an art course at MHS and earned a “B” or higher. Students completing 16 hours of community service receive a pin from the national offices of NAHS. Members of NAHS are eligible for special scholarships at many art schools and Universities.


Advisor: Ms. B. Bland
Meetings: Wednesdays, the Choir Room

The Open Mic Club, formerly the Poetry Club, is an open creative forum for all students who enjoy performance poetry in all its forms, who wish to share the joy of making music, and who wish to share the joy of inspired art.


Advisor: Ms. L. Cella
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will expose students to new ways to express themselves by using the form of creative writing, poetry. Our goal is to introduce students to the world of poetry while teaching/exposing them to ways of analyzing poetry.


Advisor: Ms. M. Gonzalez-Block
Meetings: Thursdays, Room 214

The Salsa Club is for anyone who would like to learn how to dance Salsa and many other Latin dances. All that is needed is interest and enthusiasm. You definitely will develop dancing skills if you join.


Advisors: Ms. B. Pepper, Mr. K. Cleerdin

There are many ways to get involved with The School of Visual and Performing Arts.  The SVPA Theater Department does three major productions a year:  SHOWCASE (a revue to showcase student talents), The DRAMA (a straight play), and the MUSICAL.  In addition SVPA students present “Celebrations” (senior directed skits). SVPAs Drama Club presents staged readings and allows students other opportunities to perform non-musical material.

If you don’t like performing and you still want to be involved with the productions, join the TECH CREW and learn how to build and paint sets, work backstage, learn about lights, sound, costumes and props; or help with publicity and front of house duties. Another way to get involved, if you’re musically inclined, is in the PIT BAND for the productions.

Dance Company is a large part of SVPA with its own show in the spring. You can also get involved in the CHOIR Groups if you want to sing.  We also have a great a capella group called PASSING NOTES.  Other SVPA student activities include a BATTLE OF THE BANDS and FILM NIGHT (student-made films).


Advisor: Mr. B. Ford
Meetings: Every other Monday

Our clubs purpose is to view/discuss/appreciate the women of comedy and their work.  Also discuss the stigma that comes with being a women in that industry.


Updated: 9/26/2017