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Community, School Service Clubs

Each club and activity lists the name of the advisor(s), and, below the list, a brief description of the activity and meeting times when available. Students and/or staff interested in any of these activities should contact the advisor. All advisors work within the High School and can be emailed by typing their first Initial, last name (example:

  • Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)  L. Cella
  • Big Sis Little Sis  R. Chelius
  • Courtyard Beatification Project  C. Ricca
  • Covenant House Club  D. Moore
  • Do Something  S. Greene
  • Exchange for Change  A. Rush
  • Habitat for Humanity  R. Haas
  • Hospitality  C. Simon
  • Key Club  M. Alsina/L. Wombough
  • Kindersmile  S. Eckert
  • Leo’s Club  G. Fox
  • Mountaineer  L. Racioppe
  • Peer Leadership  A. Settembrino, B. Brown
  • Race/Diversity Club  B. Bland
  • Red Cross Club  A. McLaughlin
  • Sisters on the Runway  K. Nelson
  • Student Coalition  P. Robertson
  • Volunteers For Refugees  J. Freeman
  • Zine Club  D. Rubin


Advisor: Ms. L. Cella
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The purpose of this club is to make artwork/crafts and distribute them as gifts to patients in Local hospital (preferably children) as well as residents of nursing homes. Arrangements will be made with such organizations ahead of time and such deliveries will be made for holidays as well as regular days.


Advisor: Ms. R. Chelius
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Big Sis Little Sis allows high school students to take on the responsibility of being ‘big sisters’ to elementary school girls. We will become examples and role models for our ‘little sisters’ and organize biweekly activities in order to get to know them individually.


Advisor: Ms. C. Ricca
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will initiate a program of re-beautification of the courtyards by collecting garbage, planting grass, and flowers.


Advisor: Mr. D. Moore
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Covenant House Club will raise awareness and money for projects and programs sponsored by Covenant House.


Advisor: Mr. Shawn Greene
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To develop a Do Something Club at MHS to involved students with different causes and fundraisers, and raise awareness about different efforts. Our club will follow the guidelines provided by:


Advisor: A. Rush
Meetings: Every other Wednesday

Club that collects donated garments (dresses, pants, shirts, dancewear, etc.) and sells them at organized events similar to a Salvation Army.  The proceeds from each event shall then got to a charity of the club’s choice.


Advisor: Mr. R. Haas
Meetings: Contact Advisor

MHS Chapter membership is open to all who wish to help eliminate poverty housing. The mission of the Chapter is to capture the imagination, energy and hope of young people ages 5-25 in order to productively and responsibly involves them in the work of HH.


Advisor: D. Moore
Meetings:  Contact Advisor

Members of the club would devote their time and effort by participating in community service that will benefit the HOMECorp foundation.


Advisor: Ms. C. Simon
Meetings: As Needed, Room: TBA

The Hospitality Club serves as host and hostess for various school and community functions, i.e. Back to School Night, evening conferences, graduation, etc. The students will complete two community service projects during the school year, such as “The Gift of Sight Foundation,” in which there is a collection of used eyewear for those in need.


Advisor:  M. Alsina/L. Wombough
Meetings:  Wednesday or Thursday, student choice of 2:45pm OR 6pm in the LGI

The Key Club is the largest club in MHS with over two hundred members.  The major focus is service to the community.   Students volunteer for various activities throughout the year, such as walk-a-thons, soup kitchens, helping the elderly & disabled, working with area agencies and non-profits, as well as other Montclair Schools. The club’s activities are student driven.


Advisor: Ms. S. Eckert
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Kindersmile will help raise money for children in low income areas and give them supplies and education concerning oral healthcare.


Advisor: Mr. G. Fox
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Leo’s Club is part of the Lions Club of Montclair. This is a community service club and will help raise awareness and money for the blind.


Advisor: Mr. L. Racioppe
Meetings: As Needed – Contact Advisor

The Mountaineer is the school newspaper that is produced by the students. The objectives of the newspaper shall be faithful coverage of the events that involve and concern MHS; commentary on events written in the best interest of the student body and school; providing a voice for the students, encouraging the student government, faculty and administration to follow policies in the best interest of the whole school; maintaining fruitful working relations with the administration. It is advised that students take Journalism prior to joining club. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement – please contact Advisor(s).


Advisors: Mr. A. Settembrino, Ms. B. Brown
Meetings: Everyday, 6th period, Room: TBA

Peer Leadership is a program that assists freshmen students with their transition into high school. The program uses the Peer Group Connection curriculum developed by The Princeton Center for Educational Leadership, to train senior students to facilitate freshmen peer groups. Seniors apply to be Peer Leaders and meet everyday for a Peer Leadership Class. The Peer Leaders meet with the freshmen every Thursday, during 6th period to conduct outreach sessions with the students. The activities start at the beginning of the year with Freshmen Field Day. Peer Leadership groups are designed to incorporated games and interactive activates to bring students closer, make friends and ease the transition to high school.


Advisor: Ms. B. Bland
Meetings: Contact Advisor

RACE/DIVERSITY CLUB is a discussion club. We discuss issues relating to race in a neutral environment for students of various backgrounds. Topics include race on a local level, race on a national level, affirmative actions, etc. We also study self-segregation and diverse issues pertaining to Montclair public schools.


Advisor:  A. McLaughlin
Meetings:  Contact Advisor

The club is functioning under the guidance and auspices of the Americcan Red Cross and considered an extension of the unit rather than an independent Red Cross entitity.


Advisor: Officer K.Nelson
Meetings: Contact Advisors

Sisters on the Runway is a non-profit club raising awareness for women who suffer from domestic violence. This club will have at least 1 meeting per month, until the big fashion show in April. Model tryouts will be held sometime in November and there will be several bake sales, and other forms of fundraising throughout the year. ANY ONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN-YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MODEL! There are many ways to get involved whether it be modeling, volunteering at the show, volunteering for fundraisers, getting sponsors, getting raffle prize items and much more.


Advisors:  Ms. P. Robertson, Ms. S.Wallace
Meetings:  Contact Advisor

The Student Coalition acts as a primary means of communication among staff and students by means of homeroom representatives and officers.  Students elect both officers and homeroom representatives and the organization is bound by the rules of a constitution. Student Coalition is the student governance of Montclair High School.  In addition to representing student concern to faculty, SC plans the Martin Luther King, Black History Month and Women’s History Month Assemblies.  In addition,Student Coalition plans the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Pep rallies.


Advisor: P. Robertson
Meetings: See Advisor

A club to help educate students about the severity of hunger amongst children around the worked and help raise money for UNICEF.


Advisor: J. Freeman
Meetings: See Advisor

Raise money for the Volunteers for Refugees Organization, which provides prenatal care, education, elderly support, prosthesis service and the opportunity for refugee children to attend summer camp.


Advisor: Mr. D.Rubin
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Zine Club will be a place to conceive of, produce, and market ‘zines’ which are defined as ‘small circulation publications of original or appropriated texts and images’ – but can include any self-made print media.


Updated: 9/26/2017