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Special Interest, Cultural Clubs

Each club and activity lists the name of the advisor(s), and, below the list, a brief description of the activity and meeting times when available. Students and/or staff interested in any of these activities should contact the advisor. All advisors work within the High School and can be emailed by typing their first Initial, last name (example:

  • Animal Rights  L. Panayev
  • Asian Club  L. Liang
  • Bridge Club  A. Feinstein
  • Caribbean  S. Nesbitt
  • Christians Meet at the Pole  S. Anthony, D. Moore
  • F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)  J. Bittner
  • Kpop Club  A. Dorian
  • Peace, not Wardrobe  A. Dorian
  • Psychology Club  C. Franco
  • Vegetarian Club  L. Panayev


Advisor: Ms. L. Panayev
Meetings: Room 305 – Contact Advisor

For anyone that wants to be ‘in-the-know’ about animal rights issues and how they are being dealt with. Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of animals throughout the community and beyond.


Advisor: Ms. L. Liang
Meetings: Every other Thursdays in Room 402

The Asian Club shares Asian food and cultural traditions. Students do not have to be Asian to participate.


Advisor: Mr. D. Feinstein
Meetings: Contact Advisor

In the Bridge Club we will teach and play the classic card game, Bridge. Members will learn general convention and more advanced strategy. This is a free and fun club and is open to everyone.


Advisor: Ms. S. Nesbitt
Meetings: Tuesday, 2:40 pm in Room 7

The Caribbean Club provides MHS students an opportunity to become aware of the various aspects of Caribbean culture through music, crafts, bake sales, student exchange, community and volunteer services. The secondary purpose is to increase tolerance and awareness for the various cultural backgrounds.


Advisor: Mr. D. Moore
Meetings:  Contact Advisor

Christians Meet at the Pole is a fellowship organization for Christian students to learn and grow in their faith in a supportive environment outside of their home churches. We will also seek to attend Christian events and to commit our service to the community.

F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Advisor: Mr. J. Bittner
Meetings: Contact Advisor

F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Club will involve young athletes in discussions of issues facing today’s athletes.


Advisor: A. Dorian
Meetings: Thursday afterschool

To talk about Korean Pop and Korean Drama and learn about the Korean culture. Also, eat Korean foods.


Advisor: Mr. J. Bugg
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically succeed professionally and positive impact on the community.


Advisor: Ms. A. Dorian
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will create a fashion magazine/blog which will discuss various topics including sewing, DIY, photography, makeup, modeling, and writing.


Advisor: Ms. C. Franco
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will help raise interest in the field of psychology and provide an opportunity for students to learn about the field by watching films and reading books pertaining on psychology.


Advisor: Ms. M. Awad
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To revive the club by playing and learning with other students.


Advisor: Ms. L. Panayev
Meetings: Contact Advisor, Room 305

A meeting place for vegetarian and vegans to discuss various common interests and for anyone that is interested in making healthier choices in their diet.

Updated: 9/26/2017